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How Do People Opt-In to a SMS Marketing Campaign?



In the video above, Tatango CEO Derek Johnson answers the question: “How Do People Opt-In to an SMS Marketing Campaign?” If you’d rather read, you can find the answer below. You can also find answers to all of your SMS marketing questions in our Q&A video library.


How Do People Opt-In to SMS Marketing Campaigns?

There are a few primary methods for opting into SMS marketing campaigns.

Mobile Texting

One of the most popular methods is via mobile phone texting. In these cases, the consumer texts a keyword to a brand’s short code, which subscribes the consumer to the appropriate SMS marketing campaign. For example, a consumer could text “JOIN” to their favorite retailer’s short code, 12345, in order to receive mobile coupons from the retailer.

CTIA Short Code Monitoring Handbook - SMS Marketing Opt-In Requirements

Website Opt-In

The second method is the website opt-in. This involves the consumer submitting their phone number into a web form. On the backend of that website, an API request informs the SMS provider, and the consumer is then subscribed. Check out 20 examples of websites advertising SMS marketing campaigns.

Lane Bryant Advertising SMS Marketing Campaign on Website

Point-of-Sale System

The final form of opt-in involves a point-of-sale system that is neither mobile nor web-based. This could take place at the cash register, at an event kiosk, and so on, where a consumer is invited to sign up for an SMS marketing list by providing their phone number. Since customers are already filling out their information to make a purchase, this is usually an easy extra step for customers to take to receive savings of 20% off of future purchases at stores they already shop at.

SMS Marketing with QR Codes - Step 4 Compose Opt-In Text Message

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