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Messaging Automation

Send messages based on a wide array of subscriber events, such as joining a campaign, responding to a message, etc.

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What's Included

The following is included with Tatango's messaging automation feature.

Birthday Automations

Surprise and delight mobile subscribers by automating messages based on their birthday. Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate messages to send before, after, or even on a subscriber's birthday.

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Tatango Platform - Messaging Automation - Birthdays
Tatango Platform - Messaging Automation - New Subscribers

New Subscriber Automations

Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate messages based on when a subscriber opts in to your campaign. For example, reward new subscribers by sending out a special promotion after they opt in, or build a series of messages that are received daily during a subscriber's first month.

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Timezone Automations

If you're running a nationwide mobile messaging campaign, it's essential that you send messages based on each subscriber's own timezone. With timezone automations, you can make sure mobile messages about breakfast sandwiches are received in the morning, no matter what timezone a mobile subscriber is in.

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Tatango Platform - Messaging Automation - Timezones
Tatango Platform - Messaging Automation - CTIA Compliance

Compliance Automations

Tatango's messaging software automates all CTIA and wireless carrier compliance messaging. This means that when customers text message your short code with words such as "HELP" or "STOP", they'll receive a response that is fully automated and CTIA and wireless carrier approved.

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All Tatango Features

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Subscriber Segmenting

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Subscriber Analytics

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Merge Tags

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Tatango Integrations

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Developer API

Allows you to integrate Tatango into any existing software or application.

Messaging Automation

Automate text messages based on a handful of different events.

Messaging Analytics

Track the success of every mass text message you send to subscribers.

Administrative Controls

Get complete control of who has access to the account, and what they can do.