The Fastest Way to Build Your SMS Marketing List

Want to know the quickest way to build a text message marketing list? This article will teach you how to grow your brand’s SMS subscriber list 520% faster.

It is not possible to run a text message marketing campaign without having a list of phone numbers from consumers who are interested to buy your (online) products and/or use your services. First, you need to grow a database with collected phone numbers from SMS campaign subscribers.

But how exactly do you grow that SMS subscriber list, and how do you do it really fast?

Let us help you out with the following tips and strategies.


Always Give Consumers an Enticing Opt-In Incentive

Let’s start with a very essential SMS list growing strategy that we almost consider a requirement for new Tatango customers. We always advice brand’s to give customers an opt-in incentive.

In order to grow a subscriber list really fast, a brand cannot just say, for example, “text PIZZA to 12345 in order to receive text message coupon alerts”. There needs to be an incentive for the consumer to subscribe to a campaign.

In one of its studies, mobile marketing solutions platform Vibes found out that, by offering subscribers some kind of incentive in return for their phone numbers, brands were able to grow their SMS marketing lists 520% faster.

In the case of the pizza brand text message, the incentive could be something like a free pizza slice for everyone who joins the SMS marketing campaign.


Make Sure the SMS Campaign’s Opt-In Incentive Is Clear

When offering opt-in incentives to consumers, there are a couple of things brands need to be aware of in order not to confuse or anger consumers. First of all, they need to make sure that potential subscribers are not mislead by opt-in offers.

The exact text of an opt-in promotion is of great importance. The pizza restaurant cannot just say something like “Get a free pizza slice by texting the keyword PIZZA to 12345″. This is a misleading message, because consumers will not be aware of the fact that, in order to get the free pizza slice, they need to opt-in to the SMS campaign that is then going to send them marketing related text messages.


Don’t Send the Opt-In Incentive to Consumers Who Re-Subscribe

Besides offering a clear welcome offer, brands also need to look at the technical side of an opt-in incentive. They need to use an SMS platform that is able to make a distinction between consumers who opt-in for the first time and those who re-subscribe to a campaign. This helps brands to weed out consumers who try to benefit from the opt-in incentive multiple times.

The SMS system that a brand uses, needs to send out different messages to new subscribers and re-subscribers.

A message for new subscribers will say something like “Thank you for signing up to our text message coupon alerts program. After receiving that message, the subscriber needs to get an immediate follow up message that contains the opt-in offer. In the case of the pizza restaurant, that would be a free pizza slice coupon that the customer can use at the restaurant’s counter.

When consumers opt out and then opt back in to a campaign, they will still receive the initial welcome message, but they will not receive the second message with the welcome offer.

Additionally, brands can also decide to send a follow-up message that says something like “Sorry, it looks like you already received your offer, but please feel free to inform your friends about it or stay put for future offers”.


Try Opt-In Incentives for Your Text Message Marketing Campaign

So that is the fastest way to build an SMS marketing list. We highly recommend that you try it out for your brand’s text message marketing campaign. As you know by now, your SMS subscriber list could grow by 520% if you apply the described strategies and tips.

If you still have any questions after reading the article, then feel free to contact us via this contact form. Furthermore, we also encourage you to check out, on which you can find great text message coupon incentives from well-known brands.

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