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SMS Short Code Directory

Tatango SMS Short Code Lookup DirectoryWelcome to the SMS Short Code Directory, powered by Tatango.com.

Tatango launched this SMS short code lookup service in 2015, as a resource for mobile marketers to lookup which short codes are being used by which brands, and how those brands are using their short codes.

Interested in purchasing your own SMS short code? Since 2012, Tatango has been a Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) top short code provider. In being a top short code provider, Tatango is able to ensure a much smoother, shorter, and less expensive provisioning process for our clients.

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SMS Short Code Directory

Last updated January 28, 2016

wdt_IDShort CodeAvailable for PurchaseVanity SpellingContent ProviderWebsite
wdt_IDShort CodeAvailable for PurchaseVanity SpellingContent ProviderWebsite
1 20000 No N/A ZipWhip http://www.zipwhip.com
2 90999 No N/A mGive
3 555444 No N/A Staples http://www.staples.com/sbd/cre/help-center/policies-and-legal/#staples_mobile_terms_and_conditions
4 44888 No N/A World Vision
5 44555 No N/A Chikka Asia; Inc.
6 333000 No N/A WayoftheBold
7 83333 No N/A Rogers Bank
8 55999 No N/A Waterfall International http://www.waterfall.com
9 21777 No N/A Mobile Zoom
10 28777 No N/A USPS

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Tatango endeavors to make the SMS short code lookup search process reliable; however, Tatango does not guarantee availability of SMS short codes or the accuracy, integrity or quality of the data in the SMS Short Code Directory. Tatango shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in any content, or any loss or damage incurred as a result of the use of any content posted in the SMS Short Code Directory. The SMS Short Code Directory, and SMS short code lookup service that is offered by the directory, is in no way associated, or endorsed by any of the brands or SMS providers listed in the SMS Short Code Directory, the wireless carriers, Common Short Code Administration, iconectiv, or the CTIA. All trademarks, service marks, trade names and logos are the intellectual property of their respective companies.

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SMS Short Code Directory FAQ

What Is a Short Code?

An SMS short code is a 4-6 digit phone number that is used by brands to send and receive text messages with consumers. SMS short codes can be purchased by contacting Tatango.

How Do I Updated Short Code Information?

If you find a short code in the SMS short code directory, and the information needs to be updated, please contact us regarding the change at short-code-directory@tatango.com.

How Do I Purchase a Short Code?

Purchasing an SMS short code is easy, simply contact Tatango to start the process provisioning process. Tatango offers free setup and provisioning of all SMS short codes.

Who Manages the SMS Short Code Directory?

The SMS Short Code Directory is managed by Tatango, the industries leader in providing SMS marketing software for brands and marketing agencies.

What Is a Short Code Content Provider?

In the SMS Short Code Directory, a “Content Provider” is classified as the brand that is using the SMS short code. For example the content provider for the short code 2653 is Coca-Cola.

What Is a Vanity Short Code?

A vanity SMS short code is an SMS short code that was specifically chosen by a brand. Brands will select a vanity SMS short code because it spells something on a dial pad, or it’s easy for consumers to remember.

What Countries Does the Short Code Directory Cover?

At this time the SMS Short Code Directory only contains U.S. SMS short codes. In the future, we plan on expanding the directory to include short codes for other countries.

What Is a Dedicated Short Code?

A dedicated CSC is a short code leased by one company for their sole use. No one but the company that has leased the code will be able to use the code for the term of the lease. This is the most secure situation for the brand and the consumers using the code.

How Much Does a Short Code Cost?

SMS short codes are $1,000/month. While many SMS providers have to charge setup and provisioning fees, Tatango is able to offer their clients free short code provisioning of new SMS short codes.

How Do SMS Short Codes Work?

When consumers interact with a brand via text message, this is done through SMS short codes. These SMS short codes are approved by the wireless carriers to be used by brands for marketing purposes. See SMS short code examples.

What Is the Common Short Code Administration?

The Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) manages SMS short codes in the United States for the wireless carriers. In 2012, the CSCA selected Tatango as a Top SMS Short Code Provider.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Short Code?

Purchasing an SMS short code through Tatango is a relatively fast process. Most SMS short codes purchased through Tatango are ready in only a matter of a few days.

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