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SMS Campaign – Great Clips

27th May 2011 - Posted by in category SMS Marketing Examples, Text Message Marketing #FAIL

A few weeks ago I was at Great Clips in Seattle and saw the following SMS campaign to win tickets to the Seattle Sounders FC game. It was awesome to see this campaign using SMS, but they made one critical mistake, which I’ve seen numerous times before. To avoid making this SMS marketing mistake, there is one simple rule to follow:


Why? SMS marketing is still a new concept for most consumers, and needs to be treated as such. When a campaign like the one below spells out the short code (the 5-6 digit phone number), it can often confuse consumers on how to compose the text message on their phone. When a consumer gets confused on how to compose the text message, it often leads to the them abandoning  the SMS campaign, which is never good.

Keep it simple and clear when advertising your SMS campaign, the correct copy for the below advertisement should have been: Text “SOUNDERS” to 94253, which is much more clear to consumers than: Text “SOUNDERS” to “WHALE” (94253).

Advertisement for SMS marketing campaign with Great Clips and Seattle Sounders FC


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