iZigg Review – The Secret to Success

This is a guest post by Jim McMahon, a former iZigg Agent and current Tatango customer. The author’s views are entirely his own and may not reflect the views of Tatango, Inc.

iZigg Review - SMS Marketing Affiliate Program

The moment I understood how SMS marketing could help a business owner better control and positively influence their bottom line, I knew I wanted to be involved. Below is the story of my experience as an iZigg agent and why I eventually saw the light and made the switch to the Tatango Affiliate Program.

I decided to sign up as an iZigg Agent on July 5th, 2011. It cost me $99 to sign up for their basic Charter Agency Plan, which as you can see below was “mandatory” to sell their product.

iZigg Compensation Plan

After two weeks of being an iZigg agent, I started to realize that iZigg was more focused on me signing up other agents, rather than selling the actual text message marketing software. Every week there would be a barrage of emails, conference calls, webinars and networking events, whose only purpose was to get me to upgrade to the $349 package and sell others like myself on doing the same. This is a typical multi-level marketing strategy, where the focus is placed on selling the opportunity to sell the product, but not actually selling the product itself.

Another issue I experienced being an iZigg agent was the lack of support I received from iZigg. You would think after paying $99 I would be able to speak to a live person about my account. This was not the case, and I was continually directed to outdated help videos as answers to my questions.

There was even one time when one of the founders of iZigg called me after I responded to an email offering assistance to grow our iZigg businesses. Upon realizing I was only on the $99 plan, he told me that he had no interest in spending any time “changing my life” until I had upgraded to the $349 agency plan. As you might imagine, I felt completely unimportant to them at that point, sending me looking elsewhere.

That’s when I started to subscribe to the Tatango SMS Marketing Blog. Reading their blog was a complete eye-opener into the SMS marketing industry. I realized quickly that unlike iZigg, Tatango was focused on the product they were selling, and it showed in both their expertise in the market and the product that they had developed.

When I saw Tatango had launched their very own affiliate program, I jumped at the opportunity to not only sell an amazing product and earn lifetime commissions, but to team up with true leaders in the SMS marketing space. The best part, the Tatango affiliate program is completely free, no costs to join, no fees, etc.

After signing up, I received a call from Derek Johnson, the CEO of the company asking if he could answer any questions I may have. After my iZigg experience, I was completely shocked that not only did Tatango want to help me succeed, the CEO of the entire company wanted me to succeed. Talk about a contrast when looking back at my time as an iZigg agent.

After joining the Tatango affiliate program, I’ve been been re-energized on the possibilities and opportunities available in SMS marketing.

So what’s my secret to success with iZigg? In all honesty, there isn’t one… the best advice I can give you is to keep your hard earned $99 and sign up for Tatango.


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