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Some of the many marketers using our software to power mass text message marketing campaigns.

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CSCA Top Short Code Provider

This designation by the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) makes short code provisioning a much shorter and less expensive process for you.

Tatango Services - Short Code Provisioning Service

Tatango Software Platform

Mass text message marketing software for marketers, no coding required.

Messaging Workflows

Allows non-developers the ability to create virtually any type of text messaging workflow.

Subscriber Segmenting

Optimize text messages by sending specific messages to subscriber segments.

Subscriber Analytics

Track subscriber trends and visually display the data with responsive subscriber graphing tools.

Messaging Analytics

Track the success of every message you send our text message marketing software.

Tatango Platform - MMS Marketing

Messaging Channels

The following mass messaging channels are available on the Tatango platform.

SMS Messaging

Use SMS messaging to send 160 character text-based messages in mass.

MMS Messaging

Use MMS messaging to send images, videos or even animated images in mass.

RCS Messaging

Use RCS messaging to send suggested replies, and dynamic rich media in mass.

What Clients Are Saying

Hear what clients have to say about working with the team at Tatango.

Natasha Jarmick

Publicis Groupe
“By having Tatango in our corner, we know we’ll be able to provide our clients a world-class text message marketing platform, in addition to the expertise and advice our clients require from our agency.”

John T. Meyer

9Clouds Agency
“When selecting a text message marketing vendor for our clients, Tatango stood out not only because their software is easy to use, but their expertise is beyond compare.”

Chris Faddis

Focus Tank Creative
“The results of our text message campaign speak for themselves when our client’s limited release movie makes it all the way to the number eight spot at the box office on opening weekend.”

Michael Elliott

Rocketdog Agency
“When it comes to helping our clients understand the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and how it applies to their text message marketing, the team at Tatango are truly experts.”

Robert Willington

Swiftkurrent Agency
“Being TCPA compliant is important to our clients. Working with Tatango when setting up our client’s text message marketing campaigns means I can sleep easy at night, and assure our clients that they're compliant.”

Mariano DiFabio

“Great experience so far with Tatango software as we setup our client's text message marketing campaign. If you need text message marketing, they are the real deal.”

Text Message Marketing News

Recent articles from the Tatango blog.

A drawing paper with an upwards going graph, a text message symbol, an arrow, a circle, the text "#1 reason", and a pen

#1 Reason SMS Marketing Continues to Grow in Popularity

By jesselogister | July 24, 2019

   In this text message marketing blog post, we talk about a yearly recurring discussion in the mobile marketing industry. Repeatedly, mobile marketers ask themselves and others the following question: Why does the 20 year old text message technology, which is a simple, 160 character communication and marketing method, continues to become more popular …

This SMS marketing blog image displays a smiling panda face on a light green background. The image title is “TextPanda”.

Text Message Coupons – TextPanda.com

By Derek Johnson | July 22, 2019

The #1 question we get asked at Tatango is where can I find text message coupons from brands? To help answer this question, we recently launched www.TextPanda.com. TextPanda is a website where we’ve aggregated all the best text message coupons from the top brands in the United States. You’ll find text message coupons from brands …

This Tatango text message marketing blog image displays the title "RCS Business Messaging for Beginners"

RCS Business Messaging for Beginners

By jesselogister | July 16, 2019

  In this Tatango text message marketing blog post, we are answering the question: What is RCS marketing, and why is everyone in the mobile messaging industry talking about it? What does RCS Stand for? RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. It is a new mobile messaging protocol, which is similar to text messaging. RCS …