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Top 10 SMS Marketing Blog Posts of 2020

top 10 sms marketing blog posts of 2020

However 2020 left you feeling, we’ve now had almost ten months to process and digest the start of this most recent decade. A lot happened in 2020, more than can we can fit into one blog post. But here’s something that does fit: our top 10 SMS marketing blog posts of 2020. You’re probably wondering how we managed to narrow it down to just ten. It wasn’t easy! If you want to see all the other potential contenders, head over to the Tatango blog—but first, check out our Top 10 of 2020.


Top 10 Marketing Blog Posts of 2020

1. 28 Ways to Use SMS Marketing for Your Organization

Sometimes using SMS in your marketing can feel like the wild, wild West. You can do a lot with text messaging, but it also has its fair share of limitations. Although there are far more than 28 ways to use SMS for your business, we pulled together our favorite 28 Ways to Use SMS Marketing for Your Organization, such as ways to increase engagement with your audience and ways to increase your message’s reach.


2. Top 10 Text Message Marketing Mistakes

Oops! No one likes to make mistakes, but, let’s face it, they happen to the best of us. (We’re human, after all.) The margin for mistakes in text message marketing is small—much like the length of an SMS text message! That’s why we wrote Top 10 Text Message Marketing Mistakes and why you should check it out in 2023 and beyond. Reference this quick roundup of easily avoidable mistakes before getting any SMS marketing campaign underway.


3. Text Message Marketing: Top 3 Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

When you’re a nonprofit organization, your goals in mobile marketing are going to be different than those of a business selling a product. Some strategies translate easily between the two. Others focus specifically on the needs of a nonprofit and how to tap into the text message marketing open rate of 99% compared to traditional email. Learn more in Text Message Marketing: Top 3 Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations.


4. MMS Marketing—What Marketers Need to Know

There are quite a few differences between SMS and MMS text message marketing—like a few thousand characters, GIFs, audio files, and videos, to name just a few. In MMS—What Marketers Need to Know, we explain some of these differences and how to determine which format is right for your business or organization.


5. 63 Unbelievable SMS Marketing Statistics

They’re unbelievable—but also true! Tatango has compiled 63 bite-sized statistics to whet your appetite for SMS marketing in the blog post 63 Unbelievable SMS Marketing Statistics. Some may even surprise you.


6. A Beginner’s Guide to SMS for Political Organizations

Political organizations have incorporated mobile marketing to engage their constituents, increase voter turnout, and generate donations. When text messaging can reach 78 percent of the American people, it’s an important tool to keep in your toolbox whether you’re running a major national campaign or a small local one. And with Tatango’s Beginner’s Guide to SMS for Political Organizations, you won’t remain an SMS Marketing beginner for long!


7. Proven Text Message Marketing Examples

So, you’ve decided to jump into SMS marketing for your political or advocacy organization. That’s great! But if you’re faced with a new form of marketing that might seem like a new language to you, fear not. Tatango has your back with these Top 10 Text Message Marketing Examples. These are some of the best, whether you’re selling a product or collecting donations.


8. 5 Reasons Political Campaigns Should Use SMS Marketing

Running for public office is a huge decision. Choosing to use SMS marketing in your campaign should be an easy decision. Whether you’re campaigning for a seat at the local or national level, there are considerable advantages to adding SMS or MMS to your marketing plan, like reaching an audience that’s 54% more likely to take action if they receive a personalized text message from you. Check out our blog post, 5 Reasons Political Campaigns Should Use SMS Marketing.


9. Why Political Campaigns Win Using Tatango’s SMS Marketing Software

SMS marketing software has been a valuable and effective tool in recent political campaigns. When every dollar invested in building and operating a texting program can net a campaign $20 in donations on average, mobile marketing does more than simply get the message out; it helps fund the message. Tatango’s SMS marketing software is a solution for political campaigns looking to reach their audience and overcome their opponents. Learn more in the blog post Why Political Campaigns Win Using Tatango’s SMS Marketing Software.


10. 5 Tips to Write Winning Political Text Messages

Seeing as 2022 was an election year, we saw a lot of SMS marketing from candidates and their parties. But, as with any election or competition, by nature, there has to be a winner and, unfortunately, a loser. Here at Tatango, we’re in the game of winning, which is why we’ve listed out 5 Tips to Write Winning Political Text Messages.


Add Tatango to Your 2021 SMS Marketing Top 10

These 10 SMS marketing blog posts nicely sum up 2020 on the Tatango blog. If we’ve piqued your curiosity and you’re ready to jump into the world of mobile marketing, or if you have any questions, contact the text message marketing experts at Tatango today.

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