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Texting Statistics by Age 2010

It seems nowadays that almost every age group is text messaging, but we’ve never been able to find accurate texting statistics on specifically what percentage of each age group is doing so. These statistics are extremely important when planning an SMS marketing campaign as it will give you insight into the potential adoption from your customer base. Luckily for you we found this data in the Yankee Group’s Anywhere Consumer: US Consumer Survey 2010, and we’re able to extrapolate this data into the graph below.

* Remember that these texting statistics represent daily use, weekly or monthly use would be even higher. When looking at these numbers in terms of SMS marketing, it shows the immense opportunities available for businesses to reach customers on a platform that is accessed almost daily by the majority of the U.S. population.

Graph of text message usage by age from 2010

(Graph of text message usage by age in 2010)

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