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Text to Download App Example: Tic Tac

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Looking to increase app downloads? Have you tried giving consumers an easier way to download your mobile app from traditional advertising channels like radio, print, billboards, etc.? Here’s the problem with advertising a mobile app on traditional advertising channels, without using text messaging. Without using text messaging, you’re leaving a lot to chance in the app download process. By advertising your app on traditional channels, you’re requiring consumers to first open up their mobile app store on their device, search for the app, scroll through all the apps, find the correct app, and finally download it. During that process, there’s countless ways that you can lose a consumer that was originally interested in downloading your mobile app.

Want a better way? By using a text message autoresponder, you’re able to give consumers a simple word to text to an SMS short code, then in response you can send them a text message with a link that directs them right to the app download page. By using a text message autoresponder, you’re cutting out all of those middle steps between being interested in a mobile app, and getting to the apps download page.

Take for example Tic Tac below, who used a text message autoresponder to direct consumers right to their app download page within the app store. Consumers simply texted “MINT” to 313131 to download the app. Much easier right?

Text to Download App Example - Tic Tac

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