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Text Message Marketing News Roundup: Oct 24 – Oct 30

Tatango Text Message Marketing News Roundup: Oct 24 – Oct 30
A weekly roundup from October 24th to October 30th of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on text message marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!

Text Message Marketing Industry News:

Rock the Vote ramps up mobile strategy for upcoming elections
“Mobile is an easy way to communicate with them,” she said. “We can send a text message with a link to an app where they can register to vote.”

How Text Messaging was used in the Tunisian Elections
Example: To know where one should vote, mobile users sent out an ID like this one: ‘bv 67521266 F’ to short code 1423, A reply was returned by SMS indicating the correct voting office (in french, if “F” was added at the end of the text).

The Ubiquity of Text Messaging [INFOGRAPHIC]
Have you ever had that thing where you leave home, forgetting your mobile behind and you’re past your turning point? Yes, you have, I know you have. Doesn’t it feel like a shit day ahead?

Southwest 7-Eleven stores add 25,000 opt-ins to CRM database
A company that operates 300 7-Eleven stores and provides gas to another 600 convenience stores recently put mobile at the hub of a multichannel promotion, signing up 25,000 to a CRM database.

Seen on the Mobile Scene – Bringing Back the Blackhawks’ Breakaway Boys
In addition to the Lemonhead-sponsored Zamboni race, the pamphlet of mini-games contained a “Coldwell Banker’s Home Team Hero” message whereby fans were encouraged to text “STAR (insert Blackhawks player’s number)” to “BHAWKS” (242857) by the end of the first period. If the #1 Star of the Game was a Chicago Blackhawks player, all fans that had texted in his number would be eligible to win a one-of-a-kind Chicago Blackhawks Jersey signed by Hall-of-Famers Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull.

Is mobile making customers more loyal?
Mobile gives customers a way to access loyalty points before, during and after a sales experience, to track a gift card balance, receive coupons and deals and redeem offers.

When Kids Should Go Mobile
The majority, 54 percent, say that children should get their first phone between the ages of 13 and 15. 24 percent feel that children 12 and under should have a phone, and 22 percent think that the first phone should be saved until children are 16 or older.

Mobile Ad Company 4INFO Raises $14 Million, Spins Out Its AdHaven Platform
More VC money getting invested into one more independent mobile ad network: 4INFO has raised $14 million in funding in a round led by Paul Allen’s firm Vulcan Capital and Mitsui Global. The money will mainly be used to spin-off and develop the company’s AdHaven mobile audience platform division.

How to Get Positive ROI from Mobile Worker Text Messaging Software in Less than 300 Words
Our customers are seeing ROI by noticing a huge reduction in the amount of phone calls and “voicemail tag” with their workforce out in the field. Many Mosio clients launch the system to a smaller, test group and then roll it out to everyone after that to see how it goes. I’ve listed two client testimonials below which show anecdotal ROI stories from happy Mosio clients.

Key best practice for the 6 mobile channels that will matter over the holidays
If you do not have a mobile database, build one. Add the option to text in for deals and coupons everywhere: In television commercials, on print campaigns, on-package, you name it. This will guarantee exposure and sign-ups. Make sure deals and offers are relevant and timely. Consider the holiday shopper and this person’s needs.

U.S. Restaurant Chain Sees Big Results From Mobile Marketing Efforts
Powered by ExactTarget, Pei Wei introduced its new Caramel Chicken entree with in-store signs and online promotions inviting guests to join the restaurant’s email list via text, web, Twitter or Facebook to receive a buy-one, get-one-free coupon, resulting in nearly 20,000 new email subscribers in just two weeks.

Activating Your Marketing Mix with Mobile – Lesson No. 3: Only Use Mobile When Time, Location, and Interaction Matter
Before sending out a text, you need to think about where the end-user will be when they receive it. In the car? At home? In the office? At the mall? What time are you sending the message, and where are they at that time of day? We’ll cover some basic best practices for pushing out messages in lesson four.

Tatango Text Message Marketing News:

Oh No… My Competitor is Also Using Tatango!
The biggest concern we hear from business owners is that they don’t like having the same short code (68398 – Tatango’s short code) as their competitor. This is understandable, but you have to look at the short code as the platform the campaign is running on. This isn’t much different than Facebook or Twitter.

Tatango Supports Tier 3 Carriers
Just recently Tatango announced that we’re supporting Cricket Wireless, and today we have more good news. We’re excited here at Tatango to announce that we’re now supported by all tier 3 carriers.

Text Messaging Continues to Grow in 2011
A new report from ComScore just came out that shows text message usage is still on the rise in the US. I’ve embedded the comScore report below, which also shows the change in browser usage, downloading apps, accessing social networking sites, playing games, and listening to music on the mobile phone.

Maternity Text Messaging?
With Tatango, families instruct people to text the babies name to our shortcode 68398. Once that is done, they are now signed up to receive text message alerts from the family. Whenever the family has information that needs to be sent to everyone, they can do so from the computer or straight from their mobile phone.

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