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Tatango vs. RumbleUp: Political Text Messaging Comparison

May 10, 2021

tatango vs rumbleup

Running a successful political SMS marketing campaign takes skill, strategy, and the right SMS marketing platform. With so many choices and tools to consider, you may have heard of two leading names: Tatango and RumbleUp.

Both platforms can send political text messages to help you raise donations, increase voter turnout, update constituents about breaking news, and bolster your base. The two platforms are complementary to each other as part of an overall SMS marketing strategy.

In this article, we highlight a few key similarities and differences between Tatango and RumbleUp.


Why Text Message Marketing for Political

Since text message marketing has higher open rates than email marketing, text marketing is essential for raising money, improving voter engagement, and growing support. Only 20 percent of marketing emails are opened, compared to 99 percent of text messages. With text messaging, political organizations and campaigns can connect to their base in real time, break fundraising records, and win elections.


What Is Tatango?

Tatango is an SMS marketing platform that helps you easily send mass political text messages to opted-in subscribers, reaching millions of potential voters with each text message.

Tatango has been helping political candidates and advocacy organizations for the past 13 years as an industry leader in application-to-person (A2P) text message marketing. With messaging speeds of up to 6 million text messages per hour, and provisioning more short codes than any other SMS marketing provider, Tatango has earned a place with the CSCA (Common Short Code Administration) as a preferred partner. For those who work with Tatango, $1 spent on SMS marketing often brings in $5 in political donations.


political text messaging software


What Is RumbleUp?

RumbleUp is another SMS marketing provider. However, instead of focusing on A2P messaging like Tatango, RumbleUp specializes in peer-to-peer (P2P) messaging. Working in tandem with a mass SMS messaging company like Tatango, RumbleUp offers a system to send individual texts and reply to supporter messages.

With RumbleUp’s platform, a campaign or political committee can communicate and respond to voters and volunteers. This type of communication encourages tailored messages and individual connections. Rather than sending mass SMS messages, each text goes out manually, sent person to person.


Comparing Tatango and RumbleUp

To optimize impact, a political organization should use both SMS strategies. Tatango’s mass messaging can offer a broad reach, while RumbleUp’s focus on individual messages can strengthen a movement’s foundations. Both A2P and P2P messaging tools are powerful tools in a campaign’s arsenal. Now that you have an overview of both companies, let’s look at a few differences between the two companies.


A2P Messaging with Tatango

A platform like Tatango helps political groups and organizations send mass text messages to reach millions of subscribers per hour through A2P messaging.

With this strategy, marketers can fully integrate fundraising platforms (such as WinRed, ActBlue, EveryAction, and others) so that people can tap a link in a text message to easily donate to their favorite candidates and campaigns. Tatango also offers sophisticated SMS marketing tools for greater engagement like messaging workflows, audience segmentation, messaging analytics, and more.

In the political world, campaigns move fast. Updating constituents on policy changes and news is crucial, especially with many groups fighting to control the narrative. With a mass SMS platform like Tatango, politicians and candidates can instantly reach a large audience with their message.

Tatango doesn’t just send messages. It also provides tools to organize texts by time zone, avoiding issues with notifications in the middle of the night. With smart systems in place, Tatango sends SMS messages almost instantly, getting messages out at the right times, which can be vital, particularly in close races.



P2P Messaging with RumbleUp

RumbleUp focuses on P2P texting instead of A2P messaging.

There are some valid reasons to use individual text messages in addition to mass text messaging campaigns. For example, when driving hyper-local engagement or wanting to add a more personal touch, RumbleUp can offer a more custom feel to text messaging as it comes from individual people.

With Tatango, clients can narrow a campaign’s focus down to a zip code, but sometimes a political group or campaign needs to send personalized follow-up messages to volunteers or supporters. That’s where RumbleUp can help. Both approaches to SMS messaging campaigns are valuable and offer a well-rounded strategy to increase support and communicate effectively.



SMS Keywords and Short Codes

A service like RumbleUp uses long codes, which are 10-digit phone numbers, just like personal phone numbers. This phone number format further personalizes texts by making it clear that they’re from another person. Long codes can seem more personal, which is perfect for a smaller subscriber list or a more personalized feel.

In contrast, Tatango uses short codes, which are five- or six-digit phone numbers. These simpler numbers have several benefits. For example, in political ads, billboards, or yard signs, short codes are easy to announce and remember. Having a short, dedicated number helps a campaign unify its messaging platform. When candidates want to broaden their base and bring others into their camp, the cleaner and simpler option has an advantage. Short codes are easy to share and save, which helps increase donations and raise awareness.

Political SMS Marketing Strategy Opt-In

Short codes are also useful for large-scale campaigns. Voters can text specific keywords, such as “Kansas” or “Florida”, to a simple five-digit number. Keywords provide valuable information which helps organizers understand their demographics better as a campaign moves forward. Remembering a 10-digit number from a brief television ad can be difficult for some people; sending a specific keyword to a short code is often a lower barrier to entry.

Both work together to create a winning political campaign, and it’s smart to cover your bases by working with both an A2P messaging platform like Tatango and a P2P platform like RumbleUp for personal follow-ups.



SMS Messaging Speeds

With so many voices trying to spin every story, instant texts and clear communication are essential for political campaigns to stay ahead. Tatango understands the pace of a competitive campaign. Time wasted on slow processes can upset an entire race, which is why efficiency is a top priority. As mentioned, Tatango sends up to 6 million text messages per hour. (Try this calculator to get more insight about how quickly your list could send with Tatango.)

RumbleUp’s system can send 10,000 text messages an hour when used by multiple staff members. RumbleUp is an excellent strategy for less urgent communications, such as confirming constituents are registered to vote ahead of an election or encouraging people to sign petitions. Whereas, Tatango is a great option when you have breaking news, fundraising deadlines, or an election approaching quickly. Check out how Tatango compares to other A2P messaging platforms:



Political Campaign Size and Scale

RumbleUp and other long code SMS companies are powerful tools to build a political campaign from the ground up. With smaller subscriber lists, they can foster authentic connections and ensure a personal tone. However, with thousands of followers, a short code A2P model (like Tatango) is vital for maintaining momentum and fundraising enough to stay in the race.

Tatango’s system allows campaigns to scale up sustainably. Having worked with many prominent political figures, we have a proven record of growth and positive results. With Tatango, you have access to tested systems and experts who can work with you to get concrete results—even for the largest political campaigns in the country.


Next Steps to Create a Winning Political SMS Campaign

Those are some core similarities and differences between Tatango and RumbleUp, as well as A2P messaging and P2P messaging.

Now that you’ve learned about some of the advantages of different systems within the world of SMS messaging, contact our SMS marketing experts to learn how your campaign can benefit from Tatango’s A2P efficiency, reliability, security, and expertise to win your next election.

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