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Soundbite Petitions FCC for SMS Clarification


Remember when two consumers brought a class action lawsuit against Twitter for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) after Twitter sent them a confirmation text message, confirming their request to stop receiving text messages from Twitter?

Since then, SoundBite Communications, Inc. has petitioned the FCC to declare that confirmatory, opt-out text messages do not violate the TCPA or the FCC’s rules. SoundBite argues in their petition that such text messages do not violate the TCPA because:

  1. Confirmatory, opt-out text messages fall within the grace period under the TCPA for opt-out requests;
  2. Confirmatory, opt-out text messages are not sent using an autodialer because the text messages are targeted towards the consumer opting out of further messages; and
  3. Confirmatory, opt-out text messages are consistent with good public policy and good consumer practices.

I will continue to follow this story and report back on what the FCC declares with regard to the legality of these opt-out text messages.


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