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SMS Marketing Increases Sales 33% for Papa John’s

This week I received an email from Henry Cazalet, a fan of the Tatango blog and the Marketing Director at Text Marketer, a UK based Bulk SMS service. He was telling me about one of his clients, Papa John’s and how SMS marketing boosted their sales 33%. Being always skeptical, I said prove it! Below is his response and proof that not only does SMS marketing work, it’s kicking ass, even over in the U.K.

Papa John's Pizza

The campaign itself was simple enough – A Papa John’s Pizza franchise in the U.K. wanted to promote their new pizza offer. After considering other forms of marketing, they decided on SMS marketing because of its effectiveness. They devised a text message reading, “Any Pizza, any size, including our massive 16″ – £6.99 collection or £8.99 delivery”. Using their pool of contacts who had expressed an interest in receiving exclusive promotions and offers, they sent the SMS message to approximately 8100 contacts.

The table below shows the SMS marketing results for the Papa John’s Pizza campaign, which lasted over a period of three weeks:

Text Message Marketing Case Study

As you can see, thanks to a strong redemption rate, the franchisees overall sales increased by 33% over the course of the three-week campaign. Franchise Operator, Grant Wiszniewski, explained how ecstatic he was with the campaign’s performance and the huge Return on Investment (ROI). He also announced that future campaigns will carry on using SMS marketing as a platform to communicate future messages.

Papa John’s Pizza is a perfect example of the way in which text message marketing can help with your promotions, sales offers, or any other type of messages you’re looking to get out to your audience. With high conversion rates and ROI, this form of marketing is also cost-effective and highly targeted.

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