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SMS Marketing Advice: Be Mindful of the Autocorrect

Let this post serve as a warning to SMS marketers out there… Always be mindful of the autocorrect when selecting an SMS keyword. What do we mean?Check out Denny’s advertising their Diner Perks Program below by using an SMS keyword below. As you can see, they’re telling customers to “Enroll in the restaurant today, online, or text the word “DENNYS” and your email address to the SMS short code 73757 to join!” Scroll down to see what we mean by being mindful of the SMS autocorrect when selecting your SMS keyword.

Denny's SMS Marketing Example

Below is what happens when a customer text messages “DENNYS” to the short code 73757 on their mobile phone.

SMS Marketing Advice - Autocorrect Message

Why is the mobile phone autocorrecting “Dennys” to “Denny’s”? This one is actually pretty easy to understand, even though some SMS autocorrections can be a lot harder to understand. This autocorrect is happening because the brand’s name is “Denny’s”, not “Dennys”, so the mobile phone is making the appropriate change. So what happens when you text “Denny’s” to 73757? You can see below… You get an error!

SMS Marketing Advice - Autocorrect Mistake

This could have easily been resolved by Denny’s securing the SMS keywords “Dennys” and “Denny’s”, which makes a lot of sense in this situation, as the brand’s name is “Denny’s”, not “Dennys”. What can you learn from this SMS marketing keyword mistake? Always test your SMS marketing keywords to see if mobile phones will want to autocorrect it. If mobile phones want to autocorrect your SMS keyword, either select an SMS keyword that is less likely to be auto-corrected or make sure to secure the auto corrected version of the SMS keyword.

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