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SMS Gift Card Scams Down, SMS Job Listing Scams Up

While no one likes SMS spam, it’s important that marketers know that it exists, as 68% of consumers have received some form of SMS spam. With such a high percentage of consumers that have experienced SMS spam, it’s essential that you as a marketer are aware of it, at the very least to know what may be driving consumer’s attitudes to SMS marketing.

So let’s review some of the SMS spam statistics from Q1 of 2013, which our friends at Cloudmark have put together by monitoring SMS spam complaints from consumers forwarding SMS spam to 7726. The graph below illustrates the monthly volumes of SMS spam complaints in the top 5 categories over 2013’s first quarter. I’ve summed up the important stuff below the chart.

SMS Spam Statistics

– SMS gift card scams plummeted by 78%, down to only 6% of SMS spam complaints received.

– SMS phishing attacks were on the rise in February and March with more than 10% of all SMS spam complaints being some form of bank or account phishing scam.

– Job listing SMS scam complaints rose by 400% over the quarter, and account for over 20% of all SMS spam complaints.

– Adult content SMS spam is at a record high in March, accounting for more than 15% of all SMS spam complaints, and is the second-highest category for complaints during that same month.

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