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SMS Couponing Strategy: Limit Redemptions

MGM Hotel

Interested in increasing your SMS coupon redemptions? If so, we’ve got an SMS coupon strategy that is sure to work. It’s actually the combination of two SMS couponing strategies, a price-based offer, and a time-sensitive offer. Need an example? Check out MGM Grand’s SMS coupon below from the short code 50435, where they sent offered customers¬†not only 20% off rooms and 2 buffet vouchers, but the SMS coupon was limited to the first 100 people to book.

SMS Coupon Example - MGM Grand

Why does this SMS coupon strategy work? According to research on the top 6 mobile offer types, price-based offers and time-sensitive offers, are the most likely to trigger consumer action. Combined those two types of SMS offers into one text message and you’ve got magic! Below are the different SMS offer types that consumers say are most likely to trigger an action.

  • Pricing-based Offers: 66%
  • Time-sensitive offers: 52%
  • Location-based offers: 50%
  • Product-based offers: 47%
  • Similar product-based offers: 45%
  • A very general offer: 31%

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