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Chicago Bulls – SMS Campaign Slam Dunk Results

Are you looking for a sports franchise that is utilizing text messaging to its fullest extent? Look no further than the Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls have not only given a huge amount of screen real estate on their website to advertise their mobile alerts, but they’re also allowing fans to completely customize the type of mobile alerts they receive, which is super cool!

Chicago Bulls Text Message Alerts

In the website pop-up above, you have the choice to sign up for generic Chicago Bulls mobile alerts by entering your mobile phone number, then clicking the “Submit” button. You also have the option to click “Customize”, allowing you to enter your mobile phone number and customize the mobile alerts you’ll be receiving.

For demonstration purposes, I signed up to receive just the generic Chicago Bulls mobile alerts. After entering my mobile phone number, I received the following confirmation message (double opt-in) from the SMS short code 28557, asking me to reply “Y” to confirm that I wanted to opt-in to receive these text messages. After replying “Y”, I received confirmation that I was opted into the SMS campaign as you can also see below.

Chicago Bulls Text Message

While I could have customized my messaging preferences during the opt-in, what if I wanted to change or update my preferences in the future? Luckily the Chicago Bulls has come up with a unique way to allow SMS subscribers to edit their preference at anytime in the future. Here’s how it works.

First, a mobile subscriber would visit the page below on the Chicago Bulls website. The page asks for your mobile phone number so that they can send a verification pin to make sure that the mobile phone number you’re using is truly yours. You can see this below.

Chicago Bulls Text Alerts Pin - Web

After entering my mobile phone number, I was sent a verification pin from the SMS short code 28557. My verification pin was “JPMoF” as you can see in the text message below.

Chicago Bulls Text Alerts Pin - SMS

After receiving my verification pin, I entered it into the Chicago Bulls website to verify that I was the owner of the mobile phone number that I had previously entered into the website.

Chicago Bulls Mobile Alerts Pin

Once the verification process was complete, I was shown a whole host of Chicago Bulls mobile alerts that I could sign up for, as you can see below.

Chicago Bulls Text Messaging Campaign

While there are many other companies like Charlotte Russe and Jack in the Box that use their websites to advertise their SMS campaigns, we commend the Chicago Bulls for taking their campaign one step further and allowing a subscriber to completely customize the messaging they receive.


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