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Signal Engage Shuts Down SMS Marketing Platform

SignalEngage Website

It’s the end of an era… Signal Engage, an SMS marketing platform started in 2006 has officially shut down their SMS marketing platform, after being acquired by BrightTag back in 2014. While the original plan was to sunset the Signal Engage SMS marketing platform by March 31, 2015, it looks like they kept the website at online until January of 2016, when it was taken offline.

The good news, it looks like BrightTag, which has since been rebranded as Signal, and, continues to operate. Signal sells itself as a cross-channel marketing company that provides cloud-based marketing technologies for brands and digital agencies. Signal has raised $36.3 million since being founded in 2009.

A copy of the email sent to Signal Engage customers is embedded below.

Signal Engage Shutting Down - Letter

A screengrab of the Signal Engage website, before it was taken offline, is embedded below.

Signal Engage Website

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