Text Message Marketing Case Studies

SMS Marketing Generates $37Million in Retail Sales

Retail Text Messaging Case Study

Here at Tatango we’ve written about some pretty impressive results from retail text messaging campaigns. For example, have you seen how this one retailer was able to generate $7.2 million in new sales from text message marketing. Not to be outdone, a retailer recently reported that they’ve exceeded $37 million in new sales, directly attributed to their text message marketing campaign. Wow!

This retailer has been experiencing some pretty impressive results from their text messaging campaign, including a customer opt-in rate of 4,000+ a week, and so far over 350,000 subscribers. Besides the significant revenue this campaign has been able to generate, this retailer also has been able to average a 94% text messaging redemption rate.

Need another example of a retailer generating significant sales using text messaging? Check out this retailer who generated $2.5 million in new sales during a three-month period.

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