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Retailer Generates $2.5 Million with SMS Marketing

Retail Mobile Marketing Case Study

Are you a retailer looking to increase sales? Have you tried mobile marketing? If not, the following retail mobile marketing case study published by our friends at Vibes should get you really excited about mobile marketing. 

The results of this retailer’s mobile marketing campaign are below.

  • Retailer started mobile marketing campaign in the summer of 2014.
  • All new subscribers were sent a welcome offer, with a discount, as long as they spent a certain amount in-store.
  • Retailer grew their mobile marketing database by more than 250,000 customers since launching.
  • Retailer generated $2.3 million in sales from their mobile marketing campaign during a three month period.
  • On average, each new mobile subscriber generates $10 in annual sales for the retailer.
  • Retailer is projecting to hit 1 million mobile subscribers within the next 10 months.

The one thing I found most interesting about this retail mobile marketing case study, is the fact that this retailer compared their website visitors that were SMS subscribers, to their website visitors that weren’t SMS subscribers. The results are shocking! What the retailer found is that visitors to their website that were also SMS subscribers made 32.4 purchases for every 1,000 visitors. How did this compare to visitors that weren’t SMS subscribers? Can you believe it that visitors to their website that weren’t SMS subscribers made only 5.4 purchases for every 1,000 visitors? It’s true!

Want an even more impressive retail mobile marketing case study? Learn how this retailer generated $7.2 million in new sales, all from their SMS marketing efforts.

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