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Prep for 2023 with this Innovative Channel

Prep for 2023 with this Innovative Channel

Communication is moving faster than ever before. With so many nonprofits and political candidates competing for the same audience’s attention, making your voice heard is vital to your organization’s success. Reaching your supporters faster and more reliably can make all the difference, especially as deadlines or election days fast approach.

Compared to traditional fundraising methods, text marketing stands out as one of the best ways to build momentum and maintain close contact with donors. This innovative and flexible channel keeps supporters engaged and updated with timely text messages and embedded media such as images, videos, GIFs, and audio. While email marketing only has a 20% open rate, the open rate for text messages is 99%—and 90% are opened within the first three minutes of being received. This innovative communication channel is perfect for fundraising, especially as you look ahead to 2023. 

Switching to Text Fundraising

Switching to a new fundraising channel can feel daunting. There’s so much to learn and set up. But rest assured—nothing could be further from the truth when you have the right partner. Working with an experienced text fundraising provider like Tatango will give you a considerable advantage over your competition. 

After more than fifteen years as the text marketing industry leader, Tatango has built dedicated tools for automating and managing the text fundraising process. Your messages and funds will be secure within Tatango’s streamlined system. 

Three Steps for a Strong Text Strategy

Let’s look at three critical steps for SMS fundraising success — whether you are new to text message marketing or moving your current campaign over. 

  1. Focus on Subscriber Growth First

    Once people send you the first text message and opt in, you can immediately start sending reminders and donation links. Focus on promoting your text marketing channel everywhere—on your website, in other communication channels, at in-person events. Let people know your text subscriber list is the best to stay informed and updated. Invite them to join, and set expectations for the types of messages they’ll receive and how often. This communication from you will reassure people who may have had a bad experience with text marketing in the past. 

  2. Use the Tatango Design Studio

    As your subscriber list expands, work with Tatango’s expert support team to design eye-catching messages and integrate secure donation links. All Tatango customers have instant access to the Design Studio at no extra cost. In-house designers can help bring your vision to life with compelling messages. Start sending varied texts, including brief donation requests, time-sensitive reminders, longer media-rich updates, and heartfelt thank-you notes. 

  3. Optimize with Tatango’s Automation and Reporting Tools

    Use the Tatango platform to track your messages and optimize your fundraising plans with an eye toward the future. It’s critical to plan and fine-tune your SMS strategy as you head further into 2023. Make sure you’re prepared to send engaging messages to your growing support base as big fundraising events like Giving Tuesday draw near. Automated tracking and flexible reporting options help you closely examine your text marketing performance metrics so you can make more informed decisions.

Prepare for 2023 Fundraising Success with Tatango

Compared to emails, yard signs, online ads, and other marketing strategies, the SMS fundraising channel opens up a new world of options and possibilities for fundraising and outreach. You can take full advantage of this channel with innovative design, automation, and reporting tools at your fingertips. Don’t rely on outdated communication tools. Now is the perfect time to lean into the one with a 99% open rate. 

Partner with Tatango as your SMS provider to grow and optimize your subscriber list to keep meeting your long-term fundraising goals. Our team of experts is ready to help you connect with supporters and get your message out. To get started with SMS marketing and fundraising, contact us today.

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