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Political Campaign Text Message Donations – What You Need To Know

Political Campaign SMS Donations- What You Need to Know

Many elections in recent history, whether local races or Congressional seats, were decided on narrow margins. Successful political campaigns must use their time and resources efficiently, taking advantage of technological innovation and change to stay ahead. This is why political SMS messaging has become a key aspect of modern campaign strategy—especially when it comes to fundraising and donations. Candidates have raised millions of dollars through text message donations.

If you’re considering adding political campaign SMS donations to your fundraising plan, it’s vital to understand the benefits and the rules before diving in. Keep reading for a breakdown of the process and benefits of political text message fundraising. 


Why Use SMS Messages for Political Donations?

Text messages work well for campaign fundraising for several reasons. First, text messages reach supporters directly, cutting through the noise of other mass communication methods like email and TV, which can often be overwhelming. Instead of getting lost in a spam folder, text messages almost always reach their intended recipients. In fact, 99 percent of SMS messages sent to a subscriber list are opened and read—that’s how effective political text messages can be if used strategically. 

Political SMS messages also take advantage of how most people use texting, especially compared to email or social media. Unlike donation links someone might scroll past on social media, text messages are a more focused and clear form of communication, even if they’re part of a mass campaign. Texts are not algorithmically sorted and hidden the way many fundraising emails and social media posts can be. SMS messages for donations don’t end up in the junk or spam folder; they reach each subscriber directly. 

The real-time nature of text messages is vital for SMS fundraising efforts. When a vote or donation deadline is fast approaching, a political campaign can connect with its base immediately and keep a clear line of communication at all times. The benefits of using political text message marketing are clear and increasingly evident every campaign season. Donations through texting campaigns are highly effective. On average, $1 spent on a political SMS fundraising campaign brings in $5 in support. Texting stretches a campaign’s budget further and connects a candidate with supporters in real time, boosting the candidate’s message further than ever before.

What You Need to Know About Political Campaign SMS Donations

Before you start sending political fundraising SMS messages, here are some essential things to consider. 

Follow TCPA Rules

First, text message marketing is governed by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). TCPA laws require that all texting recipients opt in to be contacted. Campaigns must use a list of subscribers rather than send messages to random numbers. The recipient’s consent is required for all messages. The TCPA also outlines rules about providing easy opt-out procedures for subscribers. Fines can range from $500 to $1,500 per text message that violates TCPA laws, so it’s vital to follow the rules and get expert advice along the way. A mass texting push could accumulate high fines in a short amount of time if handled poorly. 

Integrate SMS with Political Fundraising Software

Integrations can be a powerful tool for gathering donations. Tatango integrates seamlessly with political fundraising software platforms. These integrations streamline donations and allow campaigns to focus on grassroots donations—not just large donors. There are often some barriers for people who want to make small-dollar donations. It can be difficult and costly to make fundraising secure and efficient on every level, but political fundraising software, partnered with Tatango, simplify the donation process.

Segment Your List for Maximum Return

For supporters, one of the greatest benefits of political text message fundraising is its simplicity. SMS messages can include donation links, so supporters can tap the link in the campaign’s text message instead of navigating to an online fundraising platform. This means campaigns can raise financial support quickly and securely, sending specific messages to different groups in the larger subscriber list. If a local vote is coming up, Tatango’s system can send messages to recipients in specific zip codes or groups. This simple and targeted fundraising can make a significant difference. By removing every hindrance and barrier to donate, well-executed political SMS campaigns can mobilize support and awareness where it’s needed most.

Political Campaign SMS Donations - What You Need to Know - Segmentation

Want to Start a Political Text Messaging Campaign? 

Political texting plays a more significant role in campaigns each year, connecting candidates with supporters and helping campaigns raise hundreds of millions of dollars. If you want to learn more, contact the experts at Tatango. Our team can help you set up a successful political SMS donation campaign, navigate the TCPA, and make your grassroots fundraising easier than ever.

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