Text Message Marketing Case Studies

27% Traffic Increase for Retail SMS Campaign

E-Commerce SMS Marketing Case Study

Are you looking for an SMS marketing case study from an online retailer? Look no further, as Mainline Menswear has been using SMS promotions to increase website traffic, and the results they’ve been able to achieve have been pretty impressive.One SMS promotion in particular that Mainline Menswear sent to customers regarding their Boxing Day 2013 sale, produced a 27% rise in overall website traffic, a 45% rise in direct website traffic and a very impressive 93% rise in mobile website traffic, when compared to 2012.

Not only did Mainline Menswear use SMS to send out mobile promotions to their customers, they also used SMS messaging to alert customers of failed orders. By alerting customers to a failed order with a simple SMS messages, Mainline Menswear was able to increase the chance of customers replacing their failed orders.

To view the full case study on Text Marketer, click here. Looking for another great online retail SMS marketing case study? Check out how Julep used Tatango to generate 5,000 mobile opt-ins in the first 24 hours of their SMS campaign.


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