SMS Marketing Examples

Kohl’s Offers Discounts For New SMS Subscribers

When you’re running an SMS campaign, you want to make the campaign as attractive to potential subscribers as possible. What better way to do that than to offer incentives as soon as customers opt-in to your SMS campaign?Kohl’s does just that, and lets customers know they will receive a deal as soon as they send a text message with the SMS keyword SAVE01 to Kohl’s vanity short code 56457.

Kohl's Call to Action for SMS campaign

I’m apparently extra special because when I sent texted SAVE01 to the short code 56457, I received more than 10 percent off (I received 15%) any online purchase at Kohl’s.com.

Kohl's for SMS Campaign

Offering incentives for customers to join your SMS campaign is a great way to make customers feel special, which most definitely will increase the amount of customers who join your SMS campaign

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