Nonprofit SMS Marketing

Increase Deliverability and Ensure Constituents See Your Messages

Increase Deliverability and Ensure Constituents See Your Messages
In nonprofit fundraising, timing is everything. Fundraising deadlines and goals can make or break your mission. Poor funding creates a tough hurdle, even with the most charismatic brand story or compelling cause, which is why a growing number of digital fundraisers are turning to text messaging. 

Text is a fantastic way to connect with constituents, donors, and supporters. Text messages can help you rally support when you need it most. They play a vital role in tight fundraising deadlines. In fact, 90% of text messages are read within three minutes, and 78% of people say text messages are the quickest way to reach them. The immediacy of text messaging can help you reach your goals, easily.

Poor Message Deliverability Is a Struggle

Unfortunately, late or missed messages can undermine your best efforts. Your team will look unprofessional and disorganized if your supporters never see a vital reminder or they receive time-sensitive text messages with a date that has already passed. People want to know you’re managing your funds and support responsibly. After all, they’re trusting you with their contact details and financial information. 

Even with a well-managed campaign, unreliable messaging tools can make you appear careless and sloppy. Many text providers struggle with consistent delivery, but fortunately, there’s another option.

Choosing the Right Text Provider

With Tatango as your text platform, you benefit from over 15 years of industry-leading experience and fine-tuned software development. The team of experts at Tatango can help boost your outreach and consistently reach your supporters, especially when the timing is crucial. Over the years, we’ve helped many campaigns and nonprofits surpass their goals and send timely messages.

When Text Messaging Speed Matters Most

Text speed and reliability are vital to your organization’s success. When you partner with Tatango, you’ll gain access to fast, reliable, and secure messaging tools. With built-in automation and security options, your workflow doesn’t have to slow down or throttle messaging speeds. 

Most other text message marketing platforms can send a maximum of 6,000 messages per minute. While this may seem fast, large campaigns and fundraising drives with big subscriber lists can still struggle. Tatango can send thousands of text messages within seconds.

The Dangers of Inconsistent Text Message Delivery

Reliable and fast delivery saves you time, so you can focus on the messages themselves and ensure the information you’re sending out is always engaging and accurate. Your team can trust that each message gets through. Fundraising text messages with incorrect information can easily lead to disgruntled supporters and missed donation opportunities. 

It can be tempting to send duplicate messages or increase your text schedule if you don’t trust that every message is getting through. But these steps may cause potential long-term supporters to feel pestered or hounded, and you may lose them as a result. In addition to having a solid text strategy, your success also hinges on being able to trust that each text you send will reach your intended recipients at the right time. A reliable text message marketing provider, like Tatango, will help ensure that happens. 

Count on Your Text Fundraising Provider

In nonprofit fundraising, fast and reliable text marketing should be at the center of your communication strategy. Emails can easily land in the spam folder, and printed mail often ends up in the recycling bin, unopened. However, text messages land right in peoples’ pockets, creating a direct and instant line of communication. 

Don’t let poorly performing text providers hold you back—use Tatango to get the most out of your text fundraising campaign. Tatango can help deliver your messages quickly and consistently, which can make a world of difference on Giving Tuesday or Annual Giving Days. To learn more about text marketing and fundraising, contact the experts at Tatango today.

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