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Houston Airport Launches New SMS Autoresponder Campaign

Terminal E's SMS Campaign

Check out Terminal E’s call to action for their SMS campaign that was spotted at George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

Flyers are prompted to scan the QR code or text FLYIAH to 82257, which then sends them an automated message with a link to Terminal E’s Reward Program where they can sign up and receive their 100 bonus miles.

Terminal E's SMS Campain

This SMS campaign uses an SMS Autoresponder which is the perfect way to direct your customers to a website or URL through their mobile phone. When you send a URL in a text message they can be pretty lengthy and eat up characters in the text, so we recommend using a URL Shortener.

Quick Tip: When trying to opt-in to this campaign my iPhone wanted to auto correct FLYIAH to FLYING. If a subscriber isn’t careful they’ll text in the wrong Keyword. Make sure you think about Auto Correct when creating your campaign’s Keyword. Read more about the importance of factoring in Auto Correct here:

SMS Campaign Auto Correct Failure

Want to create an Autoresponder Campaign similar to Terminal E’s? Contact Tatango.


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