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Elevate Your Political or Nonprofit Brand with a Text-to-Give Platform Like Tatango

Elevate Your Political or Nonprofit Brand with a Text-to-Give Platform Like TatangoWithout funding, even great messaging and powerful slogans will struggle. Ensuring your political campaign or nonprofit organization’s voice and message are heard is vital. This can be especially challenging in a space crowded with competing voices and causes. Successful fundraising helps you cut through the noise and build direct connections with your supporters.  

SMS messaging is a fantastic way to encourage donors and boost fundraising campaigns. Text-to-give options simplify the donation process. Supporters can opt in, give money in a few simple steps, receive updates, and stay involved long term. Whether setting up a new text-to-give campaign or revamping an existing system, an industry-leading SMS platform like Tatango can help you access streamlined software integrations, design options, mass messaging tools, and more.

Keep reading to learn more about how text-to-give can help you hit your goals and increase grassroots support. 

How Text-to-Give Works

Fundraising through emails, banner ads, billboards, and TV spots is typically quite expensive and the results often don’t justify the investment. These days it’s unrealistic to expect that supporters will remember to mail physical checks or complete a complex online process. Eliminate the hassle for your supporters and watch your donations increase exponentially with text-to-give technology.

SMS messages are far more effective for reaching supporters and potential donors.
Emails vs SMS open rates compared to each other: 22% vs 99%

While the open rate for emails is just about 22%, text messages are opened 99% of the time. Text messages also help you connect faster. In fact, almost all text messages are read within three minutes. With SMS, you’ll avoid junk folders and filters common with emails. Rest assured that your text messages are reaching your supporters.

With text-to-give, you can send messages to your supporters with easy links they can follow to sign up for single or recurring donations. Then, keep the momentum going for your campaign or nonprofit with text-message updates and reminders. Text-to-give provides a proven way to hit your fundraising goals. During a single 2020 presidential debate, text-to-give messages raised over 3.2 million dollars.

Don’t use your limited time and resources on low-engagement outreach strategies; focus on text-to-give. Most campaigns working with Tatango’s platform achieve a 500% fundraising ROI. SMS donations only take a few seconds, making it as easy as possible for your supporters. Whether you’re part of a small team or you’re fundraising for a huge campaign, Tatango’s text-to-give tools provide a game-changing boost.

Grow Your Subscriber List

Your list of subscribers is at the heart of your text-to-give campaign. As people opt in to receive messages, your support base grows, bringing in donations now and setting up future efforts for success. Text-to-give works best as the center of your fundraising campaign. To grow your list as quickly as possible, promote your campaign everywhere: on signs, at events, on your website, and in emails and ads. Joining a text-to-give list is easy. Once supporters send an initial text, they can opt in immediately. From there, donating is easy and secure. 

Tatango also offers powerful integration with your website and subscriber list. Include a few simple lines of code to your website to ensure that when supporters enter their phone numbers on your website, their information automatically syncs to your SMS list. Once supporters are on your list, you can reach them with your automated messages to seamlessly start the conversation. 

Improve Your Design Game with Tatango

While some text messages work well using simple text, multimedia messages also play a crucial role. Text messages with embedded images and clips work are more effective when sending updates or providing additional fundraising context. Use Tatango’s text-to-give platform to send information-rich messages and invite donors to become a bigger part of your campaign or nonprofit’s story. 

Coming up with eye-catching designs is often challenging, and working with experienced designers and experts can be a life-saver—especially when voting day or a donation deadline is fast approaching. The SMS marketing experts in Tatango’s in-house Tatango Design Studio will partner with clients at no extra cost to help them structure and plan their messages. 

Our team can help with photos, design layouts, GIFs, videos, audio clips, and more. Subscribers often barely glance at messages on small screens, so those messages need to be incredibly clear, compelling, and legible. With Tatango’s Design Studio, you can save time and still have messages that fit perfectly with your voice and values. 

Send Time-Sensitive Mass Messages

As political races heat up or fundraising deadlines approach, timing becomes increasingly vital. With Tatango, you can send text messages quickly. No matter the size of your subscriber list, Tatango can text all your supporters right away. Whether you need to contact hundreds of thousands of people or send Thank You messages to select groups of donors, Tatango’s tools can make it happen. 

Text message saying "Hello Wendy! Thank You for your donation. With your help, we'll soon overtake last year's fundraising record!"

With automated options and merge tags, your team can customize messages for each supporter. Our system can make each text feel personal, swapping out first names, cities, and other information unique to each recipient. Instead of sending generic messages to your entire subscriber list, you can reach out to people in specific groups like time zone, location, areas of interest, and more. These flexible tools help you make the most out of your messages, such as sending location-specific reminders and thanking donors by name.  

Elevate Your SMS Campaign With Tatango

SMS text-to-give messages aren’t just for national campaigns or massive nonprofits. It works for campaigns of all different sizes, helping optimize your outreach and expand your support base. Instead of falling behind with emails, ads, and billboards, focus your efforts where they can make the most significant difference. 

Tatango’s automation tools and reliable support team can help you hit your goals. Well-designed multimedia messages and personalized texts will ensure your supporters feel more appreciated and involved than ever. 

Contact our team of SMS marketing experts today to learn more about boosting your fundraising with Tatango.

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