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E-Commerce SMS Coupon Generates 17% Purchase Conversion


When it comes to running e-commerce SMS promotions, our good friends at Julep are getting some pretty impressive results. Take for example one of their most recent marketing initiatives, where they ran an SMS coupon for their new nail polish color, Kai.

You can see the SMS coupon that Julep sent to their mobile subscribers.

E-Commerce SMS Promotion

Using Tatango’s real-time link tracking feature, Julep was able to track what percentage of their mobile subscribers clicked on the link in their SMS coupon, and how many of those subscribers purchased the promotion. This one SMS coupon generated a 34.23% click-through rate, and an astounding 17.44% purchase conversion rate based on subscribers that clicked the link, and a 5.97% purchase conversion rate based on total subscribers that received the SMS coupon. Another interesting fact, this SMS coupon only generated a subscriber churn of 00.90%, which is significantly lower than retail industry SMS marketing benchmarks.

Want to know how Julep grew their mobile marketing database from zero to 5,000 subscribers in the first 24 hours of their SMS marketing campaign? Check out this blog post. Looking for more SMS marketing case studies, click here.

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