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DoSomething.org Hits One Million Text Message Subscribers

Earlier this year, I  joined the Mobile Advisory Committee of a really great organization called DoSomething.org. DoSomething.org uses the power of teenagers to create change in the world–and part of the way they get in touch with those teens is through texting messaging.

That’s why it’s great news to hear from them that just last month (in April) they reached 1 million text message subscribers. That’s a big milestone! So how did they celebrate? DoSomething.org surprised their millionth text message subscriber with a trip to Disney. Check out that video here.

DoSomething.org celebrates 1 million text subscribers

On top of that, DoSomething.org says that 21% of their text message members have sent a text message to DoSomething.org using the vanity short code 38383 in just the past two months. If you’re interested in reading more about this text message club, check out the post we wrote about this campaign way back in 2011 by click here.

Congratulations on your successful text message club, DoSomething.org!


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