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Chipotle Launches SMS Trivia Campaign for Hulu

Have you been watching Farmed & Dangerous, an original series developed by Chipotle on Hulu? If so, you most likely would have noticed that the show is running an SMS trivia campaign, with the chance to win a buy one, get one free offer from Chipotle. The SMS trivia campaign is advertised during commercial breaks for the show, as you can see below.

Farmed & Dangerous Text Messaging Trivia

When viewers text “BADMILK” to 30364, they’ll go through a series of SMS trivia questions, as you can see below. After the three trivia questions have been asked and answered, the viewer is encouraged to reply “REMIND” to get SMS alerts about new episodes.

Chipotle SMS Trivia 1

Chipotle SMS Trivia 2

Chipotle SMS Trivia 3

Chipotle SMS Trivia 4

After viewers have successfully answered all three SMS trivia questions about the specific episode, they’re entered to win a buy one, get one free burrito offer from Chipotle. If the viewer is a lucky winner, they’ll receive the following text message coupon below.

Chipotle Text Message Coupon

When the viewer clicks the link in the text message, they’re taken to a mobile coupon, which you can see below.

Chipotle Mobile Coupon

To find out more about Farmed & Dangerous SMS trivia, you can visit their website here.

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