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Caesars RCS Business Messaging Examples

RCS business messaging is an up-and-coming messaging format that allows businesses to communicate with consumers in a more creative, responsive, and interactive way than standard SMS marketing. It’s estimated that 86% of smartphones will soon be RCS-enabled, allowing your brand to use this wide array of new tools in your messaging. Below, you’ll see how Caesars Entertainment uses RCS business messaging.


What Is RCS Business Messaging?

RCS stands for Rich Communication Services, a more robust and varied form of messaging than traditional SMS (Short Message Service) messaging. While old-school texting is limited to 160-character text messages, RCS messaging supports features similar to what you’d see on Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. This new protocol allows for video chats, interactive media, and other associated tools.


Caesars RCS Business Messaging Demo

Below is a video demo of Caesars RCS business messaging:


Caesars RCS Business Messaging Examples

And below we’ve put together a series of images that more clearly demonstrate what the RCS business messaging experience with Caesars Entertainment is like.

In the image below, we begin with the landing page for Caesars. Below we see the Caesars brand name and logo prominently displayed at the top of the page, alongside a small descriptive bio about Caesars.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Caesars Entertainment 1

Next is the first step of the Chat process, where the consumer has initiated the conversation. This is where the RCS system begins to distinguish itself from SMS messaging; the full brand logo, along with a compliance paragraph are sent to the consumer in response. (Note that most SMS marketing campaigns have to use brief messaging due to 160-character constraints.)

The consumer is then presented with the option to accept Caesars’ Terms of Service.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Caesars Entertainment 5

After accepting the conditions, the consumer is prompted with a series of options to choose from. The consumer selects “Pools” from the prompt list. Below we can see Caesars’ RCS business messaging feed calling a carousel of their affiliated pools, allowing the consumer to view and investigate their options.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Caesars Entertainment 3

If the consumer scrolls to the end of the list, the Chat invites them to select a new option with a prompt: “Tap a chip below to see what else Caesars Entertainment has to offer.”

RCS Business Messaging Example from Caesars Entertainment 2

Then, we see the RCS business messaging feed switching to a different topic: “Restaurants.” The response is identical to that of the pools search, surfacing all of the available restaurant options that the consumer can choose to make a reservation at or learn more about.

RCS Business Messaging Example from Caesars Entertainment 4

As you can see, RCS business messaging makes for a seamless, interactive user experience. Consumers can book directly from their smartphones, without having to exit text messaging, enter an app, or open a browser window. Pretty slick, right?!

To learn more about RCS business messaging, contact our text message marketing experts today.

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