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Baskin Robbins Uses SMS to Capture Email Addresses

It seems as if recently brands have been turning to text messaging to grow their email databases, and quick service restaurant Baskin-Robbins is joining in on the fun too. Baskin Robbins now has in-store signage instructions customers to join their Birthday Club by texting “BDAY” and their email address to Baskin Robbins’ SMS short code 31310.

You can see this in-store signage in the image below.

Baskin Robbins Text Messaging Email Capture

When customers text “BDAY” and their email address to the short code 31310, they receive a text message response asking the customer to confirm their opt-in by responding “YES”. When the customer responds “YES”, they receive a text message confirmation that they’ve successfully joined Baskin-Robbins Birthday Club.

Baskin Robbins Text Message Email Address Collection

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