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Bank of America Uses SMS To Increase App Downloads

Bank of America Mobile App Download

When people are on their smart phones, they generally want everything to be as simple as possible. They don’t want to spend time searching through the app store to find your app. That’s why mobile app landing pages, like the one Bank of America recently launched (check it out here) are helpful in making the process of downloading an app easier.

Bank of America Mobile landing page

Using Bank of America’s mobile app landing page, customers can choose their type of phone and are instantly directed to the right app store by text message sent from Bank of America’s SMS short code 692632.

Bank of America Text Message Download Mobile App

Mobile app landing pages that incorporate text messaging are incredibly helpful in increasing app downloads because of how easy they make the app downloading process. One thing that could make help Bank of America to make the download process even easier is to not ask the customer for their mobile phone type. With software like LinkSense, which creates hyperlinks that automatically detect what type of mobile phone the customer is using, and then instantly directs them to the correct app store, asking a customer what type of mobile device operating system them have is no longer needed.

Looking to increase your app downloads? Join the ranks of PayPal and Foursquare in building mobile app landing pages using text messaging to make mobile app downloads easier.


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