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Are You Sure You Want To Send That?

Mistakes happen, but here at Tatango we’re constantly thinking of ways to help our customers avoid mistakes when using our SMS marketing platform. Recently we launched a pretty cool feature on our SMS marketing platform that will help eliminate accidentally sending the wrong message to all your SMS subscribers.

Now whenever you send a mass text message using Tatango’s SMS marketing platform, we’ll present you with a confirmation pop-up, just to make sure you really want to send your messages. You can see how this works below.

Send an SMS message

Tatango Confirmation feature for send


The same confirmation pop-up appears also when you are scheduling a mass text message to be sent out at a time in the future. You can see how this works below.

Schedule an SMS message

Confirmation feature for schedule

Hopefully this new feature will help eliminate any possible mistakes when sending a mass text message to your subscribers. It’s always a good idea though to double check every message you send to your subscribers, as there’s no way to recall a mass text message. Once it’s sent, it’s sent, and it’s sent damn fast.


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