SMS Marketing Statistics

61% Want SMS Promotions to Have Unsubscribe Option

Every business wants to do whatever it takes to make their customers happy. In the SMS marketing world, that means giving people the opportunity to opt-out of receiving any more text messages. In fact, a study by MBlox revealed that 61 percent of respondents say it is very important to have the ability to opt-in/out of receiving SMS promotions.

While I can’t imagine why the other 39 percent of people wouldn’t want the ability to opt-out of SMS promotions, I can tell you that an opt-out ability is not only what your customers want, but also required. The CTIA requires it in every SMS message sent. Click here if you would like to read the CTIA requirements for yourself. It’s a great read if you have trouble sleeping.

Required SMS opt-out message

Yes, adding an opt-out message at the bottom of your SMS promotion takes up valuable space, as you only get so many characters in a text message. But in my opinion keeping your customers happy is more important than the additional 37 characters it takes to add an opt-out option to the bottom of an SMS promotion.

Tatango clients never have to worry though, as we automagically include “To opt-out reply STOP” in every SMS promotion sent from our website. Want to never have to worry about your SMS campaigns? Contact Tatango today and ask how we can help you manage your SMS promotions with no worries.

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