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4 Types of Engaging Text Messages for Nonprofits During Summer


As the summer approaches, nonprofit organizations have the opportunity to reach their supporters in unique and meaningful ways. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the summer season is filled with holidays, community events and other celebrations. 

 In this blog post, we will explore how nonprofits can use the power of text messaging to engage their audience during the summer months. With people being constantly attached to their phones during holiday gatherings and vacations, text messaging becomes a valuable tool to communicate with donors, volunteers, and supporters.

Celebrating Patriotic Holidays

Patriotic holidays such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, and Independence Day provide excellent opportunities for nonprofits to engage with their supporters. Send text messages that express gratitude to veterans, honor fallen heroes, or invite donors to participate in community events. For example:

Promoting Volunteer Opportunities

During the summer months, many people are more likely to have free time and seek meaningful ways to get involved with their community or other causes. Text messages can share volunteer opportunities aligned with summer events or community initiatives. For example, texts could be sent to supporters asking them to participate in beach clean-ups, community gardens, or youth mentorship programs.

Highlighting Outdoor Events and Fundraisers

The summer season brings with it many exciting outdoor events, such as charity runs, walkathons, or fundraising concerts. Text messages can be an effective way to promote these events, increase audience attendance, and even drive donations. Provide event details, ticket purchase options, and reminders leading up to the event.

Engaging Supporters Through Contests and Giveaways 

The summer season is the perfect time to engage supporters through interactive contests and giveaways. Text messages could be used to encourage participation and create a sense of excitement. Whether it’s a photo contest, trivia challenge, or raffle, provide clear instructions, deadlines, and unique calls to action to drive higher engagement.

Sharing Summer Impact Stories 

Highlighting the impact of your nonprofit’s work is important year-round.  During the summer, nonprofits can call attention to their mission and impact by sharing stories that demonstrate the positive change they’re creating in the community or in advancing their mission . Showing the difference your organization is making in the community can inspire donors to continue supporting your cause. For example:

Providing Summer Tips and Resources

 Beyond fundraising and events, nonprofits can engage with supporters by providing helpful tips and resources related to their summer activities or causes. Text messages with helpful safety tips for outdoor adventures, advice on sustainable living suggestions, or even mental health resources for those struggling during the summer months are all great ways to engage with your constituents.

As nonprofits navigate the summer months, text messaging remains an essential tool for engaging supporters and highlighting the meaningful impact they are making. With texting, nonprofits can effectively communicate their mission, promote volunteer opportunities, highlight events, share impact stories, and provide valuable resources. 

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