SMS Marketing Statistics

33% of Americans Prefer Mobile Offers in a Text Message

Looking to start sending mobile offers to your customers, but not sure the right channel. When it comes to mobile offers in America, consumers overwhelmingly prefer to receive those mobile offers via text message, at least according to a January 2012 study by the UK Direct Marketing Association (DMA), sponsored by Velti.  Mobile Offers Statistics

The study found that one third of Americans surveyed said they would rather receive mobile offers in a text message, ahead of mobile web, including email (21%), mobile application (11%), and voicemail (8%). International recipients of mobile offers also prefer text messaging, with as high as 60% of consumers in France preferring to receive their mobile offers via text message.

Mobile offers are a great way to reach your customers, but how you deliver those mobile offers really matters. By sending mobile offers via text message, you’re most likely to be communicating with your customers through their preferred method, which can only result in better results.

Want to send mobile offers to customers the way that they want to receive them? Contact Tatango and let us show you how simple and easy launching your own mobile offers campaign with text messaging can be.

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