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3 Must Have Event SMS Services

Event SMS

Are you putting on an event and looking at how to incorporate mobile? One of the easiest ways to go mobile at any event is by using event SMS services. Instead of making you search through all the different types of event SMS services, and then all of the different types of companies that offer these services, we’ve compiled a list below of the top three must have event SMS services for your own event. Enjoy!

#1 Text To Screen Software – FireText
Imagine hundreds of people chatting live on your screens, turning your event into a virtual chat-room! Create an interactive fun atmosphere at your event and increase interactions with event attendees, all by using event sms service FireText.

#2 Bulk SMS Software – Tatango
Have you ever thought how you are going to communicate with the hundreds or thousands of event attendees during the event for  schedule changes, special announcements or even emergencies? Bulk SMS is your answer, send one SMS message to every event attendee at the same time, simple. Bulk SMS is also great for communicating with event staff and volunteers. Check out Tatango to solve your event SMS communication needs.

#3 SMS Voting Software – Poll Everywhere
SMS voting replaces expensive proprietary audience response hardware with standard web technology. Using SMS voting is the easiest way to gather live responses at any event. With nearly all mobile phones being SMS enabled, there is no better way to get audience feedback than by using event SMS service Poll Everywhere.


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