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Derek Johnson

CEO/Board Member
Email: derek@tatango.com

Derek Johnson is a serial entrepreneur, named by BusinessWeek as one of the top 25 under 25 entrepreneurs in the United States. With his experience at Tatango, Derek has been invited to speak nationally about mobile, ...
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Alex Mittelstaedt

Director of Customer Acquisition
Email: alex@tatango.com

Alex has been with Tatango since 2008, and being that the company was started in 2007, he's pretty much considered a founding member of the company. Alex started with Tatango straight out of college as a community ...
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Jeff Webb

Chief Technology Officer
Email: jeff@tatango.com

Jeff brings over 15 years of experience leading high-growth technology teams. He has worked in multiple startups, developing first-generation technologies and leading his companies to successful exits. Jeff has also worked on enterprise platform technologies, architecting highly-scalable ...
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Steve Rose

Director of Client Services
Email: steve@tatango.com

Steve has been working the past 3 years in the advertising, marketing, and text messaging industry. Since joining Tatango in 2012, Steve has brought a strong work ethic, industry knowledge, and dedication to us. With his ...
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Chris Holtz

Lead Software Architect
Email: chris@tatango.com

Chris is a results-focused software architect with 17 years experience. He builds enterprise software products and has lead small highly focused teams of software engineers. He has created products in a broad spectrum of ...
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Rick Hennessey

Board Member

Rick Hennessey is a pioneer in the mobile marketplace, founding and success- fully selling several wireless data businesses in North America. Rick is the CEO of Cequint, acquired by TNS in 2010, which delivers innovative technology ...
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Kim Alfreds

Board Member

Kim Alfreds was the Chairmen of Electronic Systems Protection, before being acquired by Gridiron Capital, LLC in 2008. Electronic Systems Protection created power protection technology for the office technology and mailing ...
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Tatango in the Press
Tatango featured on CNN

Whether you want to stay in touch with 5, 10, 15, 20, 500 or 5,000 people all at once, it's possible but it's not easy to do, unless you use a service called Tatango. "

Tatango customer testimonial from PCWorld Magazine

Toss your phone tree in the trash. Through this service, you can send mass text messages from your phone or PC to large groups for easy, instant communication. "

Tatango featured in TechCrunch

The service is dead simple to use, as it should be. I made the jump from accountless bum to en masse messaging mogul in all of about 2 minutes. "

Contact information

2211 Elliott Avenue Suite 200
Seattle, Washington 98121

Phone: (888) 517-6345
Fax: 206-274-6599

Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9AM - 6PM PST

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