Automated Text Message Software Features

Automating text message marketing has never been easier with these Tatango software features.

What is Automated Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing uses text messages (also called SMS or short message service) to deliver promotional messages to mobile subscribers. Companies use text message marketing to increase brand awareness, generate sales, share news alerts, increase web traffic, solicit donations, announce new products, share promo codes, and promote sales.

Automated text messaging involves using automation to send and trigger SMS marketing processes with little or no manual involvement. Automating text marketing allows SMS marketers and brands to streamline SMS messaging and save time by scheduling messages in advance. Automated software features include the ability to establish an automated workflow based on certain criteria.

Tatango’s text message marketing software offers several features brands and organizations can use to send automated SMS messages to consumers. From straightforward texts like scheduled message and appointment reminders to complex recurring SMS campaigns, our SMS marketing software is easy to use and empowers you to be strategic with your marketing efforts.

Benefits of Using Tatango’s Automated Text Message Software Features

Automation features ensure that your text program reaches the right person, with the right message, at the right time. Without automation, you’re selling your campaigns short.

Opt-In and Opt-Out Automation: TCPA and CTIA Compliance

One of the most important aspects of text message marketing is ensuring that you cross your t’s and dot your i’s. In other words, maintaining compliance is not only crucial in managing positive relationships with your subscribers; it truly is the lifeblood of your campaign. If you’re not compliant with the rules and regulations of the TCPA and CTIA, you won’t have a campaign.

Since the beginning of Tatango, we’ve helped our clients maintain compliance through various text message software features such as opt-in and opt-out automation. For example, when a subscriber opts into your text message program, you must respond with certain required information informing the subscriber about message data rates, frequency of texting, and where to find more information about the text program if they need it. With Tatango, you don’t have to worry. Our compliance automation feature takes care of all opt-in and opt-out compliance.

Messaging Automation: Nurturing Subscribers and Reducing Subscriber Churn

Whether you have an existing program or you’re launching a new one, reducing subscriber churn is essential. Subscriber churn is the rate at which subscribers leave your mass text message program. In all text message campaigns, the lower the churn rate, the better. One way you can reduce subscriber churn rate is by creating a nurture campaign using messaging automation. How does this work?

With Tatango’s mass texting automation feature, you can create campaigns that trigger automated messages based on specified criteria. For example, an automated response after opt-in enables an organization to automatically send a series of messages to keep the subscriber engaged early on in a mass text message program. This could entail an automated message immediately after opt-in, followed by a drip campaign over two weeks. After opt-in, campaigns are crucial in maintaining engagement with subscribers for the first 30 days. Tatango’s capabilities aid in automating this engagement.

Time Zone Automation: Delivering Messages and Increasing SMS Open Rates

Depending on the scope of your SMS program, your subscribers might span multiple time zones, so you should keep that in mind when sending text messages. Sending messages based on time zones is essential for increasing SMS open rates, reducing subscriber churn, and increasing subscriber satisfaction. Just one wrongly timed message can tarnish your brand’s reputation. For example, if you’re on the East Coast of the United States and send a message at 9 a.m. EST, your subscribers on the West Coast will receive the message at 6 AM PST, which could lead to opt-outs.

Using Tatango's time zone automation feature, brands and organizations can send the right message at the right time. This feature is especially important when considering different SMS campaign applications. For example, if a brand wants to send an SMS promotion about a lunch special, to be effective, the message needs to go out before lunch. With Tatango's time zone automation, you don't have to worry about delivering messages at the wrong time and missing out on potential revenue.

Automated A/B Testing: Optimizing Your Campaigns

Many automated tools help simplify the sending process. Using our automated A/B testing can help you discover the most effective message. A/B testing is a powerful process that is key in many marketing facets, especially in text marketing. A/B testing helps to optimize your message content, making sure the call to action, link placement, and message spacing are the best possible. A/B tests can help you understand how to increase SMS metrics such as SMS open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Applying our automated A/B testing capability, brands can create automated A/B tests that provide insights into creating effective text messages that get opened—and links that get clicked and generate revenue. For example, a brand could send an “A” message and “B” message to a specified audience and then review the results. Based on the results, the brand could then test again or deploy the most effective message in a bulk SMS campaign to a full subscriber list. With Tatango’s automated A/B testing, marketers have an easy-to-use tool that helps brands create the most effective message, leading to high open rates and increased revenue.

API Automation: Increasing Engagement Efficiency

Engagement is critical in every text message program. Simply put, without engagement, nothing happens. Ultimately, most mass text message campaigns have a high engagement goal because higher engagement leads to increased click-through rates, open rates, and revenue. No matter what type of program, all campaigns aim for high rates among all important metrics.

Tatango’s API is incredibly effective at creating a hands-off experience by integrating our SMS developer API into existing software. Whether it's triggering messages from your native software, adding new mobile subscribers to your database, updating subscriber data, or triggering webhooks to sync subscriber data between Tatango and an existing messaging platform, Tatango's API automation capabilities make it easy. For example, using an API call, a brand could use the developer API to update the information about that specific subscriber without deleting the subscriber and then re-importing them into the database. This makes updating your Tatango subscriber database information easy, especially on a larger scale.

What's Included?

Messaging Automation

Automate text messages based on a variety of events, such as when someone opts into a campaign or responds to a message.

Recurring Messages Automation

Tatango’s messaging software enables brands to automate recurring messages. Recurring messages are text messages sent regularly on some recurring basis, whether that’s every week, every other week, or once a month. Our recurring automation features provide the flexibility to schedule a message and have it repeat in the future.

Using our SMS text marketing tool, you can schedule messages to go out daily, weekly, or monthly. We offer a wide variety of recurring message automation options. For example, you can create a recurring bulk SMS text to go out to a specific list of subscribers on the second Tuesday of each month or every other Monday at 4:15 p.m. Using this software feature, your team can spend less time scheduling messages before each messaging campaign.

Keyword Automation

Tatango’s keyword automation feature automatically sends out keyword-specific opt-in responses—that is, responses sent to the subscriber based on a specific keyword. Over a campaign, keywords are texted thousands if not hundreds of thousands of times, and it’s essential that campaigns return the correct responses. Our keyword automation software feature enables your team to establish keyword-specific opt-in responses based on your specific criteria.

You can apply our keyword automation tools in many SMS text marketing instances. For example, brands can create a keyword-specific opt-in response based on zip code, city, or even state. Let’s say you own a nationwide restaurant chain and want to automate keyword-specific opt-in responses by zip code. First, a subscriber must text a mobile keyword to your short code. Second, you must set up an autoresponse asking consumers to respond with their zip code. Once you receive their zip code, our tool can recognize the zip code and segment a zip code-specific message to that subscriber. The message could include the nearest restaurant or a region-specific promotion. This provides data to segment subscribers for other applications and will increase the personalization and efficiency of the text campaign.

Compliance Automation

Tatango's messaging software automates all CTIA and wireless carrier compliance messaging. There are many aspects to texting compliance established by the SMS marketing industry's governing bodies. No matter the campaign's size, every text message must contain and respond with proper elements to maintain compliance. Without proper compliance automation, your SMS campaigns could be in jeopardy.

Using our compliance SMS automation tool, organizations can automate text message responses to compliance-related keywords. For example, your campaigns are required to autorespond to keywords such as HELP or STOP. Subscribers can use the HELP inquiry to get more information about the short code, such as contact info and what brand or organization uses the short code to send messages. They can use the STOP inquiry to unsubscribe from the text program. If your campaign doesn't respond to these required keywords, the wireless carriers may have grounds to shut down your text message program.

Along with compliance response automation, Tatango's software also automatically removes the subscriber on the backend of the software so you don't have to. Every campaign has to follow the guidelines. That’s why it's important to choose an SMS marketing service provider like Tatango with more than 13 years of proven experience.

New Subscriber Automations

Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate messages based on when a subscriber opts into your campaign. Over the entirety of a campaign, many new subscribers will opt into your campaign, so it's important to use software that allows new subscriber message automation. With our new subscriber automation feature, your team can create new subscriber-specific text messages based on your specific criteria.

Using our new subscriber automation feature, organizations can nurture and put their best foot forward when their text message program receives a new subscriber. For example, brands can reward new subscribers by sending them a special promotion after they opt in, or they can build a series of received messages daily during a subscriber's first month. By deploying new subscriber automation strategies, organizations can increase engagement rate, program loyalty, open rates, and, ultimately, revenue. Across all text programs, retaining subscribers and maintaining high engagement are key for running successful campaigns. Use Tatango's new subscriber automation feature to welcome your program's subscribers as best as you can.

Time Zone Automations

Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate your text messages based on each subscriber's time zones. When you launch your SMS text message program, remember that some of your subscribers might be in a different time zone than you. With this in mind, it's important to use an SMS software provider that allows you to automate time zone sending so your subscribers receive the right message at the right time. Without time zone automation capabilities, you could send a message at the wrong time of day, tarnish your brand's reputation, and potentially lose subscribers.

If you're running a nationwide or multiple-time zone mobile texting campaign, you must send messages based on each subscriber's time zone. Our time zone automation feature helps you ensure that mobile messages about breakfast sandwiches are received in the morning, regardless of the mobile subscriber’s time zone. Not only does our time zone SMS automation feature make it seamless for you to send messages correctly, but it also enables you to deliver the right message at the right time, increasing SMS open and conversion rates.

Autoresponder Automations

Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate autoresponders based on each subscriber's opt-in. Autoresponders, also commonly known as auto-replies, are automated responses sent back to a subscriber when triggered by a response, usually by an opt-in. The most common type of autoresponders is the opt-in autoresponder used to obtain various kinds of information in different applications. Autoresponders are crucial in every text message program; with no SMS autoresponder, the customer is left hanging with no response after opting in. It's a best practice to trigger an autorespond immediately after a customer opts in.

Using our SMS autoresponder automation feature, you can create custom autoresponses when subscribers opt in. For example, depending on the type of campaign you're running, you could create an opt-in confirmation response that asks the customer to respond with "Y" to confirm their subscription. This autoresponse type is called a double opt-in confirmation, which Tatango always recommends when launching a campaign. Receiving a double opt-in helps you ensure that the customer wants to receive text messages from your campaign. Brands can also use the opt-in confirmation autoresponder to obtain subscriber data such as zip code, email, birthday, and name which they can use to further personalize the subscribers’ text message marketing campaign experience.

Birthday Automations

Tatango's business text messaging app enables you to automatically send birthday texts to your subscribers. Our birthday automation feature allows you to automate messages to send before, after, or on a subscriber's birthday. Sending a special birthday text with an offer is an excellent way to nurture your subscribers and generate revenue simultaneously.

With our birthday automation feature, your team can add a deeper personalization level to your SMS program while completely automating the process. Combined with our autoresponder feature, you can create an opt-in autoresponder to obtain the subscriber's birthday and use that information to automate a birthday message. For example, a restaurant might automate birthday messages to its subscribers and offer a free dessert or appetizer. Our birthday automation feature makes sending birthday messages seamless, and it also ensures you deliver the right message at the right time, increasing SMS open and conversion rates.

API Automations

Sync data between your existing software or applications and Tatango. Easily integrate Tatango's SMS text message marketing software into any existing software or application using Tatango's API. With our API call automation, you can conduct various commands, such as the capabilities listed below.

Adding Subscribers

Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate the process of adding new mobile subscribers. Add new mobile subscribers to your Tatango database using the developer API. You can add these new mobile subscribers to Tatango from existing software or applications, all with a simple API call to Tatango.

Updating Subscribers

Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate the process of updating mobile subscriber information. Use the API to update a subscriber's name, email address, zip code, and more. If a phone number exists in a mobile subscriber database, you can use the developer API to update that specific subscriber's information.

Exporting Subscribers

Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate the process of exporting mobile subscriber information. While you can export your subscriber database at any time through Tatango's user interface, this functionality is also available through the developer API.

Sending Messages

Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate the process of sending a bulk SMS message to customer lists within your native software. With the Tatango developer API you can send a mass message to mobile subscribers without logging into Tatango. You can also use the API to send mass messages to a specific segment of a mobile database.

Messaging Reports

Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate the process of creating messaging reports. Quickly query the results of a mass message sent using Tatango without logging into Tatango. After making this API call on a specific mass message, Tatango will return a comprehensive messaging report for that message.


Tatango's messaging software allows you to automate the process of creating webhooks to sync customer data. Webhooks come in handy when syncing customer data between Tatango and existing software or applications. You can set up Tatango webhooks to be triggered based on a variety of mobile subscriber actions or events.

Messaging Workflow Automations

Tatango offers workflow automation, which can guide the mobile customer through the process of providing the information you can use later on in your text message program. For example, obtaining a subscriber’s birth date during the opt-in process will enable you to send a message on their birthday along with an incentivized offer. You can also obtain a subscriber's name during the opt-in process to address them personally in future messages. Create virtually any type of text message marketing workflow you can conceive, no coding required. Check out specific automation examples below.

Workflow Automation

Tatango's messaging software empowers you with workflow automation. Create custom workflows based on various customer and subscriber actions and automate the entire messaging campaign. With messaging workflows, you can step away from the computer and turn messaging over to Tatango.

Multi-Stage Workflows

Messaging workflows can be simple with a single stage or more advanced with multiple stages. Tatango gives you the tools to easily create any type of texting workflow you want and deploy it live in seconds.

Subscriber Data Collection

With customer data collection, you can create a messaging workflow to request additional information about your subscribers such as birthday, zip code, and email address. You can even make your own custom data requests.

Types of Enterprise SMS Marketing

Retail Text Marketing

Top retailers use enterprise SMS marketing software to inform their subscribers about deals, drive new sales, send SMS surveys, and announce new products. By linking directly to products, personalizing text messages, or reminding customers about products they left in their cart, mass texting helps retailers grow their revenue and earn money with every text they send.

Restaurant Text Marketing

Restaurants use enterprise SMS marketing to inform their subscribers about new menu items, incentivize return visits with coupon codes, or message a customer about deliveries. Use SMS marketing software to send crave-worthy photos to consumers so your restaurant is top of mind around mealtime.

Agency Text Marketing

Agencies use enterprise SMS marketing to improve their clients’ results, beat out the competition, and grow their client email and text message marketing lists. Agency clients can use Tatango mass texting software to advertise opt-ins, send messages on behalf of clients, and create a successful growth strategy.

Political Text Marketing

Political groups and candidates use SMS marketing to solicit donations, remind their audience to vote, and send out important news alerts and campaign reminders. Automated text messaging software is especially helpful for political groups because it enables them to communicate urgent campaign information in real-time, automate donations, and segment their audience based on voting location or timezone.

Enterprise Brands Choose Tatango

Seattle's Best Coffee
Big Red Soda
Paramount Pictures
Papa Murphys
Pilot Flying J
Seattle Sun Tan
Sherwin Williams
Sony Music
University of California
FYE Logo
Keller Williams
Cumberland Farms

Jenn Lovelace

Papa Murphy’s
“Tatango has provided us with an industry-leading mobile platform that is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Derek and his team are true partners, incredibly professional, and a pleasure to work with.”

Stewart Kelpe

Desert Sun
“Not only did Tatango help us build a large database of customers' mobile phone numbers that we’ll be able to use for ongoing promotions, but also the initial text offer generated significant revenue for our company, far exceeding my expectations.”

Mark Hickman

TMP Worldwide
"Wow… I’m blown away by the text message marketing platform. It’s turn-key, easy, and very user-friendly. I’ve worked in digital marketing for many years now, and I’ve never seen anything like this before. I think it’s great. It’s no wonder Tatango is so successful."

Heather Harrington

“The results we’ve seen from our Julep Mobile Insider Club have definitely opened our eyes to using SMS marketing to drive e-commerce sales.”

Melanie Weitzner

“Tatango makes it easy for our clients to get their mobile apps in the hands of more customers. We’ve seen nothing but positive results from using their services.”

Kristen Luidhardt

Prosper Group
“By partnering with Tatango, we’re now able to offer a full suite of text message marketing solutions to our clients. Not only has this helped us grow existing relationships with our clients, but it has also allowed us to win new business.”

How Tatango’s SMS Platform Works

Tatango’s text message marketing platform and text messaging service make it easy for brands to set up their campaigns and marketing efforts and start messaging consumers.

First, we will help you secure a strategic short code, the number that you will use to message your customers—the easier for consumers to remember, the better. We will then help you navigate leasing and provisioning your short code so that you’re executing your bulk SMS message campaigns in accordance with your legal requirements.

From there, we move on to the fun part: choosing your keywords, promoting your campaigns, and sending your text messages to consumers. At Tatango, we have more than 13 years of experience and know what it takes to succeed with SMS marketing. We’d love to show you the tricks of the trade.

Tatango Integrations

Tatango Integrations

Tatango integrates with all the 20+ top email marketing and CRM software providers currently on the market. Learn more about Tatango integrations.

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