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Easy add text messaging to ISPolitical's email marketing service. No programming skills needed!

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ISPolitical is revolutionizing the political campaign software industry like a cartoon character cleaning a sloppy room. They're tossing the garbage out, throwing out un-needed clicks, mouse scroll, page loads, and confusion. Their political campaign software is simple and powerful.


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Since 2007, Tatango has provided text messaging services to some of the most well respected brands in the world. Tatango's integration with ISPolitical allows ISPolitical customers to add text messaging to ISPolitical, with no programming skills needed!


Text Messaging Benefits

There are many benefits to adding text messaging to ISPolitical, below are some of those benefits.

99% Open Rates

Reports show that greater than 99% of all text messages are opened by consumers on their mobile devices.


Reports show that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of the message being sent.


All carriers support text messaging, so no matter carrier consumers are using they can receive your messages.


All devices support text messaging, so no matter device consumers are using they can receive your messages.

Part of Daily Life

Text messaging doesn't require a new app to download, or new technology, as it's already part of daily life.

No Spam

Due to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), text messaging remains a spam free channel.

Integration Partners

Not a ISPolitical customer? Check out some of the other partners we provide text messaging for below.

Trusted Partner

The following brands have entrusted Tatango with their text messaging.

Seattle's Best Coffee
Big Red Soda
Paramount Pictures
Papa Murphys
Pilot Flying J
Seattle Sun Tan
Sherwin Williams
Sony Music
University of California
FYE Logo
Keller Williams
Cumberland Farms
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