Got $10K? – Buy 80 Million Mobile Phone Numbers

Text Message Spam Conversation

You ever get a text message from a company and wonder to yourself how the heck did they get my mobile phone number? Well below is a conversation I had on LinkedIn with a man named Dennis Anderson, the president of Best Leads Plus, a company trying to sell me 80 million mobile phone numbers for $10,000. This is a story of how those companies get your mobile phone number.

Before we go further though, I’d like to point out that if Mr. Anderson would have done his due-diligence on me, he’d have realized I would have to be the single most worst person to contact about buying mobile phone numbers. Obviously he didn’t read our report on text message spam, see our infographic on text message spam, read the numerous blog posts we’ve written about text message spam, or even read my comments last week I made on the PHD text message spam class action lawsuit on

What your about to see is not only a gross violation of the Mobile Marketing Association’s Best Practices (selling mobile opt-in lists is prohibited – section 1.5-9), but if I were to text message these mobile phone numbers, I would be in violation of federal law under the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). A little background, in 2009 the Ninth Circuit ruled in Satterfield V. Simon & Shuster that a text message falls within the definition of call under the TCPA. This is the same lawsuit that defendants won $10 million dollars for receiving text message spam.

Why am I posting this? I want people to realize that when selecting an SMS provider, it’s critical you make sure that the SMS provider doesn’t allow importing of any type of mobile phone numbers. The reason being is that Mr. Anderson will most likely be able to find a buyer for all of his mobile phone numbers, and that buyer will be be using an SMS provider to send their text messages. If you are unlucky enough to have also chosen the same SMS provider, you are now at risk for having your campaign suspended, along with the spammer.

How do you feel about Mr. Anderson selling your privacy for less than a cent for any company to obtain your mobile phone number? Let me know in the comments section below.

Text Message Spam Conversation

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