Republican Fundraising

Raise More Political Donations With Text Message Marketing

Political SMS marketing is the most reliable and effective way to raise donations for Republican campaigns. GOP candidates and Republican fundraising firms are partnering up with the nation’s leading political SMS marketing software, making it easier to raise text donations for conservative fundraising campaigns. All the setup and integration is taken care of on your behalf, so you’ll be able to get your campaign short code and start your mobile fundraising campaign quickly without having to add more tasks to your busy schedule.

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Get Republicans Elected To Local, State, Or Federal Office

Over ⅓ of Americans made their voting decisions in the 2020 election cycle based on texts received from political campaigns. Tatango is the only SMS and MMS marketing platform designed & optimized specifically for political fundraising; helping Republican fundraisers see up to $5 for every $1 they invest in marketing, and seamlessly syncing all data with WinRed.

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Communicate Quickly

Send texts directly to your donors at a rate of 6 million messages per hour (33X faster than other SMS marketing platforms).

  • Send 100,000+ text messages per minute.
  • See 90%+ of your texts opened within 3 minutes of sending them.
  • Send a limitless amount of texts without any “overage” fees charged by other SMS providers.
  • Guarantee delivery while always staying TCPA compliant.

Raise Donations

Political fundraising campaigns that use Tatango have reported that 20% of their total political donations come from SMS marketing.

  • Some campaigns see $5 in donations for every $1 invested in text message marketing.
  • Easy integration with WinRed and Anedot allows donors to send money by tapping a link in your texts.
  • Secure transactions with top-rated security in the SMS marketing industry.

Build Your Voter Base

Your message can now be seen, heard, and felt all across America - motivating millions to contribute towards your cause with one click.

  • Keep supporters informed about current issues.
  • Direct voters to their designated voting place on election day.
  • Send personalized videos and GIFs to connect even more with your supporters with MMS
  • Use “Two-Way Texting” to give voters the opportunity to communicate with their favorite campaign.

What Types Of Campaigns Can This Be Used For?

Many Republican SMS campaigns have used Tatango’s and mobile messaging and SMS marketing software for the following categories of political fundraising:

  • U.S. Presidential Campaign Fundraising
  • U.S. Senate Campaign Fundraising
  • U.S. Congressional Campaign Fundraising
  • State Election Fundraising (Governor and State Senate/House)
  • Local Election Fundraising (Mayoral Elections & Municipal Elections)
  • PAC Fundraising
  • SuperPAC Fundraising
  • 501(c)4 Fundraising & 501(c)3 Fundraising

Tatango has been used by major U.S. Presidential candidates as well as many Senate and Congressional races. It has been designed for high-volume, high-security, and to generate volter donations, campaign momentum, and streamline GOTV efforts.

Now you can use your WinRed account or Anedot account to manage your donations while using Tatango to send out your SMS messages -- and all your donation data seamlessly integrates between the platforms in real time. Tatango offers serious GOP political campaigns the opportunity to win Republican elections through greater donations and voter turnout.

In political SMS messaging, speed matters as campaigns send messages based on real-time news events, live debates, and urgent announcements. With Tatango, your messages get out in minutes, not hours -- maximizing your political fundraising.

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