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You're the only one that replied back with actual answers to my questions rather than a form letter pointing me to a FAQ page. Thank You, Tatango!

Joe Lippeatt (Organizer, Houston Photo Walks)

I have been very pleased with your quick and helpful support responses. I do appreciate the excellent service you personally have provided, even asking about how our current setup went.

Erick Pece (Media Pastor, Journey Church)

Points to Derek Johnson and Tatango for effective email followup. Just converted a prospect into a customer.

Mike T. Rose (Creative Director, MJM Event Marketing)

Wow, amazing customer service at Tatango! Now I feel bad that I didnt get back to you as quickly :)

Miranda Bogen (Conference Organizer)

Your follow up support at Tatango has been very impressive and appreciated.

Jerry Hall (CEO, ShopYourBlock)