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Mass Texting Service for Nonprofits

Drive record-breaking donations for your nonprofit using our industry-leading mass texting service

Discover how nonprofits are using mass texting services to raise donations and gain massive support.

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Raised via SMS


Return on Investment

20% +

Donations Come From SMS

Imagine, with the click of a button...


Reaching millions of supporters in a moment’s notice


Seeing 99% of your messages get opened in a matter of minutes


Raising record numbers of small-dollar donations before an important deadline hits


Getting invaluable data & analytics about your supporters & donors

Incredible results from Text-to-Give Fundraising

Tatango has helped Nonprofit campaigns raise over $400 MILLION in donations since our founding in 2007. 

With 99% open rates, it’s no wonder why text-to-give fundraising has been used by Nonprofits to raise over $400 million in donations using Tatango.

HEADS UP: SMS Marketing Is Becoming More Important Than Ever For Nonprofit Campaigns


Compare SMS To Email Marketing

Most email marketing CRMs report around a 30% open rate — and that’s IF the email gets past the dreaded “promotions tab”.


Compare SMS To Direct Mail

There’s no arguing that direct mail has been an effective marketing method of the past. But a 2-3% response rate just doesn’t compare to reaching 99% of your audience instantly.

Here's How Tatango Makes
Nonprofit Fundraising Easy


Reach All Supporters At Any Moment

Tatango works directly with mobile carriers, and has developed text-to-give fundraising software specifically to send mass volumes of texts at any moment... allowing 99% of your supporters to see your message in just minutes.

Integrate With Any Nonprofit CRM

Seamlessly connect any Nonprofit CRM to Tatango with just a few clicks of a button (no coding required). Within seconds - you’ll be able to collect mobile numbers from your opt-in pages, and send out texts to those numbers with donation links.

Gain Data & Insights About Your Audience

Segment your audience based on geographic location, demographic information, and level of engagement with your Nonprofit advertising. Tatango’s comprehensive analytics ensures you reach the right audience with the most compelling message at the perfect time.

FREE: Tatango’s Team Becomes YOUR Team

In addition to answering all questions immediately - Tatango’s customer success team helps you add more SMS subscribers to your list, build out customized text messages for your campaign, and works with you as much as you’d like to ensure you get the highest ROI possible from your text-to-give fundraising efforts.
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