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The following mobile messaging services are offered by the team at Tatango.

Tatango Onboarding

Tatango onboarding is designed to help clients not only build a project plan for launching their first SMS, MMS or RCS campaign, but also configure the Tatango software to meet their mobile messaging objectives.

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Tatango Services - Onboarding Service
Tatango Services - Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Tatango assists clients in understanding how the Federal Communications Commission's Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the CTIA's Short Code Monitoring Program, and the wireless carrier's acceptable use policies all impact their use of mobile messaging.

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Short Code Provisioning

Since 2012, Tatango has been a Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) top short code provider. As a top short code provider, Tatango is able to ensure a much shorter, and less expensive short code provisioning process.

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Tatango Services - Short Code Provisioning Service
Tatango Services - Premium Access Service

Premium Access

Tatango's Premium Access gives clients ongoing mobile messaging consulting and one consistent point of contact for technical support issues. Premium Access helps Tatango clients get the most out of their mobile messaging initiatives.

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