What is SMS Marketing?

Are you not sure what is meant when a marketer says “SMS Marketing”, and maybe too shy to ask? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango breaks down what SMS marketing is and how it can work for your business.


Video Transcription

Hey everyone, Derek Johnson with Tatango.com. One of the most frequent questions that I get is, “What the heck is SMS Marketing?” Really, what better way to explain it than on the whiteboard, so here I go.

You as a business want to collect mobile phone numbers. Back in the day, it might have been e-mail addresses. Now, with everybody carrying their mobile phone with them all the time, you want to collect their mobile phone number. How to do this? You use a keyword and a short code. An SMS Keyword is some word that’s relevant or a phrase that’s relevant to your business. A short code is a five to six digit phone number that’s used for SMS Marketing purposes. 33733 is Tatango’s short code. So you’re customers would text maybe your business name or “pizza” to 33733. The great part is you collect all those mobile phone numbers in a database.

Now, you have all those customers’ mobile phone numbers. Now what do you do with them? Well, the best part about SMS Marketing is you use them to drive sales. So what you do is you, as a business, will text message all your customers, whether it’s 100 or 100,000, with a promotion or a discount. Immediately, almost instantaneously, every single customer’s mobile phone will start ringing. They will open the mobile phone, and they will see a discount or promotion from your business. Then, customers will start flocking to your store to redeem the promotion or discount, and as always, you guys know, if there are more customers, that means more revenue and more sales for you.

So, that’s what SMS Marketing is. It’s both an easy to use platform to collect mobile phone numbers. It’s low cost. But also, the most important though, it brings in more sales for you.

Video transcription by Speechpad.com