Leaving an SMS Marketing Campaign

The best part of SMS marketing is that it’s super simple for customers to opt-out of any SMS campaign if they don’t want to continue to receive messages. Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango discusses the many different ways customers can leave an SMS marketing campaign.


Video Transcription

Hey guys, Derek Johnson with Tatango.com. Today I’m going to be talking about leaving an SMS campaign. This is specific towards your customers. They can opt in to your text message campaign, but they can also, just as easily, opt out if they don’t want to receive your messages anymore.

Now this can be for a variety of reasons. This could be because they moved away, maybe they just don’t like your brand anymore, maybe they are trying to go on a diet and it’s a pizza place. There are all kinds of reasons, and you’re going to get a certain amount of people that will opt out over time. The goal is to get more people that opt in than that opt out.

So there are five different ways that a customer can opt out. The main one, though, is replying to the short code. Our short code is 33733 at Tatango with the word “Stop”. Anybody that replies “Stop” to any SMS campaign on any SMS provider, this is required by both MMA, the CTIA, and the carriers, all those organizations require that any one of these words, if texted to the short code, will automatically opt them out. Once they text in “Stop,” they will receive a message back confirming the opt out, but besides that they will never receive one of your messages again. So some of the words that have to opt out a customer are “Stop”. This one’s the most popular, and actually at Tatango we put stop at the bottom of every single SMS campaign. So let’s say I opt in to a pizza restaurant, and maybe 12 months later I move away, and I’m like, “Wow. I forgot what that word was that I texted back to the short code to opt out.” Well, every single one of our SMS campaigns has, “To opt out, reply Stop” at the bottom, so nobody ever forgets. Again, “stop”, “end”, “cancel”, “unsubscribe”, this one’s the big boy, it’s pretty long here, and “quit”.

So those are the five things that when you’re picking an SMS provider, they must abide by these rules. Any one of these words that are texted into a short code, must automatically opt the subscriber out. Hopefully, this helps you guys figure out how to both promote a campaign, but then also if people want to leave, they can do so easily.

Video transcription by Speechpad.com