Introduction to SMS Polls

Not sure how you could use SMS polls for your own business? Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango explains how SMS polls works and how your business can use this simple SMS marketing tool to both engage your customers and increase business.


Video Transcription

Hi, Derek Johnson with Tatango.

One of the products we offer at Tatango is SMS Polls. SMS polls are a great way to engage with any audience. Here's how they work. First, you want to create keywords for your SMS poll. Each one of these keywords will really represent a vote when texted in.

Once one person texts in one of these keywords, they're going to receive a message back. Obviously, at the top you want to put, "Thanks for your vote," but then the rest of the message you get to do whatever you want. You can put more info, maybe about why they voted or what they should do now after they voted. You can put a phone number. You can say, "Hey, call this number and talk to somebody after your vote," or, "Call this phone number and get something," after the vote. You can also put a link so you could say, "Hey, thanks for your vote,' then maybe, "Watch this YouTube video," or, "Visit this mobile website."

Another option is that you can put an SMS keyword in there so you could ask them to vote again. You could ask them to enter a contest. You can even ask them to subscribe to future alerts.

The possibilities of what you can send to the person after they've actually submitted their vote are really endless with SMS Polls.

Anyway, that's SMS polls.

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